Tank Style Cartridge

Hey guys, I was watching some YouTube and I came across these “Subherb” brand of carts that are using a more “tank” 510 shape than the standard cartridge. I remember reading a thread on here and some members were discussing these plastic tanks but this one is stainless and glass. I keep seeing it here and there but never caught a name/brand now that I’m looking I can’t find anything.

“Subherb” is the brand

I think these tank style carts might have a larger atomizer which I want to try out.


They’re still only 1ml though. Seems neat, but still needs a bigger tank.


yeah man, coming from a 10ml tank in the vaping world, I can’t do 1ml lol


I burn through the 1ml carts in a few days. I’d love those 3ml tanks @nancybotwin was referencing, but they’re plastic.

If I wanted something to rip fat like youre saying then I would buy a box mod and the GT ceramic coils. That combo I’ve heard is killer with disty.


The ceramics already hit like a champ I’d say. Just too small. I’m using a box mod for my ascents, and it’s great. It’s just 1ml doesn’t last when you’re puffing all day. I hate having to toss em, but haven’t found anything else that hits as nice yet. And tanks leak from my personal experience.

This is what you want if you want large capacity and stronger hits. The nrg tank is 5ml and paired with a vaporesso gt ccell at .5ohm there is no comparison to carts. With a DNA mod and some TC, this combo is pretty hard to beat, even with a nail or banger.


Do you have to worry about leaks with that setup?

Raw distillate didn’t leak when using temp control properly. Thinner distillate with 10%+ terps may leak a little, but it seems like it only does that if you go back to back to back with the hits.

What temp have you found that works well?

(also, thanks for the information, same to you @nancybotwin)

Here’s the picture I saw the other day of one of these style tanks. Look how wide the atomizer is, I just feel like that’s gonna be able to absorb way more than a regular cart. I hate getting dry hits from carts after hitting them back to back a lot.

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Yep, I hate that as well. I end up torching the cart for about 5 seconds, I’ve found that gets the disty runny enough to soak the coil again pretty quickly.

Typing that made me think, would these work any better? Thick disty is going to have a hard time no matter what.

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Post a link to this please

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I met either these guys or a very similar brand at bizcon with @Krative. The guy tried to explain to me how addiction worked and that “these carts will hook your customer market to where they will never be able to smoke anything else”. Rubbed me all the wrong ways and needless to say I will now never ever use these style carts. Do you remember that shit man?

Edit: it was a cart manufacturer not a cannabis company (wish I could remember the name but bizcon was kinda crazy)


That’s sounds a little bizarre, but it seems like several companies are starting to use these.

@Curious_Roberto I think if the volume of absorbing material in the atomizer is higher, then there will be more disty “in the coil” at once, right? Or maybe that’s not how it works :laughing:

I did read after some more googling that someone said this “Dime” brand leaks through the mouthpiece if left upside down but that was one review for one brand. Still interested in learning more about these tanks

It was super bizarre. It was the last day of the conference and I was like “has this been your pitch all 3 days?” Super weird dude.

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Here’s the coils he’s talking about.

And you can find the nrg tank almost anywhere, they have a mini one that holds 2ml as well.

You can select the ccell coils in that link


We also have dual heating elements as opposed to a single coil that is common in most carts. They won’t always leak when left upside down… only when exposed to heat. Our battery is also a carrying case to ensure they’re always in the proper orientation.

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That makes sense to me, but at the same time I was thinking if the disty is too viscous, it still won’t fill the holes up to soak the ceramic. But then again, I could be wrong.

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Thanks for replying and sharing. Dual coils, that sounds entertaining. This is what I’m looking for.

@Ascent this feels like something you would know more about.