T5, T41, and Crystal Resistance

I wanted to make a thread about crystallization and the clays mentioned above. Both me and @Krative have noticed this and I decided to make a thread about it to see if anyone has experienced similar results.

When I first started doing CRC on my CLS (I run 70/30 nbutane propane) I was using AA, silica and T5. I would get an awesome color but I wouldnt be able to crash THC-A out of my material. This was really surprising to me as I’ve never had a problem crashing THC-A even out of dark/old material.

After a couple runs I started using t41 in the mix and that changed. I remember seeing @shadownaught talk about t41 making things more stable and I believe that has to do with a lower PH.

I’ve noticed when I use T5 without t41 I have a harder time crashing(almost impossible without seeding) and I believe this is due to T5 raising the PH.

T5 has a neutral pH but that doesnt mean it cant be grabbing onto acidic sites in our solution raising the PH.

When you think about crystal resistant cbd, they raise the pH to help slow crystallization and make some d10.

This same principle comes into play when doing CRC, and I believe T5 has something to do with it.

I’ve been experimenting with just silica and AA and I can crash no problem using just these, but as soon as I add the T5 in the mix I need to seed

Has anyone else noticed this or similar results?


I have heard that people are raising pH for crystal resistance, I still haven’t heard an explanation as to how this works. I haven’t tried that method yet, (literally doing R&D today) but, I have had success using the 1st pass wiper fraction of terpenes.

@Photon_noir any chance you can explain this phenomenon?


have you looked at the wax content of the different solutions you attempted to crash? In my experience all the stuff we ever ran with t5 or t41 crashed readily.It seems that the cleaner the solution is the easier it is to crash.


The thing is without any powders I have no problem crashing any kind of material. But with t5 and no t41 I have to seed.

If it was fats and lipids content I’d have problems crashing non CRCed material but I dont.

Only when I use T5 without t41 above it.

I’m using about 100 grams t5 to 1 pound of material

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CBG can be turned into CBC. If people are exposing “high CBG” CBD distillate to acidic conditions then the CBG is transforming into CBC.


Usually they use akaline conditions for crystal resistence

have you done two runs of same material side by side one scrubbed, the other not? Some times it helps to compare apples to apples.
There are a lot of variables to account for in extraction.


Granted, I’m not using T5 and I use B80. I haven’t had any problems with growing facets. You saw that last week. I also haven’t done a ph test, either. What ph range do you suspect this to fall into?

But, raising the ph will inhibid growth? I wonder if that will help make a full spectrum htfse with the thca not dropping out and keeping the solution a liquid


So I have a theory

You know how ppl are crashing CBD-A diamonds now?

I think they’re doing it in acidic conditions.

I have some CRCed CBD-A that hasnt crystallized in over 2 months and idk why (I used t5 without t41 on this batch)


Those Appalachian extractor guys I know in NC have been making cbd-a. Not sure if it’s been happening since crc. But they are doing the bho boutique hemp. They had one recently that straight up looked like a sauce that I had made with chunks and everything. Was pretty cool.

But, I wonder if that is happening. Making them slightly acidic and promoting that growth. Check your ph on the ones not growing. And I’ll check my terps when I get a chance.

Could my b80 be activated differently and not altering the profile as much? @J12 you use T5, don’t you?

I did have one that wouldn’t grow for a few week until I seeded it. That was a while ago in the beginning of crc R&D, it was actually the one that I had crash thca in my collection, then it wouldn’t crash in the miner. I found that interesting, and it had a little bit of a conversation to d9 already, so that could have been it.


Im pretty sure i have crashed with just t5, but i cant be sure, i mess with my powder mixes alot so i cant be certain. I know you can crash in fatty mixes though. I have noticed pink oxidation with lower ph stuff.


I will give this a try when i get more powders in

Yeah i use t-5. i have had good results with both t-5 and b80


I think the amount of T5 used matters to.

If you barely use any it wont alter the PH as much as if you use alot.

I’m using more t5 then anything else

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I use about 100g per lb


I have a 4x48 inch jacketed column. I use to use 20 grams AA on bottom, 400 grams t5, 300 grams silica. This is the mix I used that would have crashing problems.

Now I use the same ratio with 300 grams t41 above the silica and I have no problems.


I alway is t5 in my mix. the other powders change. I have done so many different combinations i cant remember how things crashed. But lately i have been using t5,t41 ans sometimes silica or magnesol. I noticed my crash has been very fast and if i want larger facets i have to slow down the crash

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From my understanding t-41 does lower ph and make it more acidic. This is a suitable condition for crystallization.

I was talking to an old friend the other day about thca diamonds and he mentioned that back in the day when he made another type of “crystals” he had to lower the ph in order for his solution to crystallize. I thought that was an interesting correlation. :man_shrugging:t2:


We use silica magnesol and t41 and have no problem crashing. We haven’t tried using t5


Acidic conditions reduce the solubility of our acidic cannabinoids. That simple. Basic conditions promote the deprotonation of THC-A into its ionic form thereby inhibiting crystal growth.