Sweeterps.com A Premium Terpene Company. Use coupon code "future4200" for 10% OFF


Greetings to everyone from the future4200 community!

We wanted to introduce everyone to our company Sweeterps. We have a solid team of top leading terpene experts with over 15 years of combined experience. We have created some of the best terpene profiles you can find.

At Sweeterps, you’ll find a wide selection of original terpene profiles to suit every craving. Choose from our original Strain Terpenes or try our newly released Fruit Infused Terpenes and Sweet Infused Terpene Profiles. We also have sample packs available!

We know once you have a chance to try our terpene blends you will fall in love as we did.

Give us a try…We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Please let us know if you have any questions we can help answer.

John Taylor

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How do we get a sample pack. I’m interested. Will review. What’s the price point on your bottles? And what sizes? Link to site?


Hi Sugaree,

You can find us at Sweeterps dot com

Our sample packs are $65 and you can choose any 5 flavors, bottles are 1ml each.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.



Our sample packs are $65 and you can choose any 5 flavors, bottles are 1ml each.


I like these guys!

I got 6 bottles to try out about a month ago. I’ve tried all those flavors and waxed 3 bottles completely.

The fruit profiles are spot on, and the dilution rates are minimal.

Great products and great people to work with!


Hey nice running into you here. :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed them and look forward to doing more business together with you.



Future4200 members use coupon code “future4200” to receive 10% OFF :slight_smile:


Pricing the same as True Terpenes I see. Why do u think yours should be priced the same? What should I expect to be different from your “Gelato” to true terpenes “Gelato #33”?
I am intrigued by your “fruit” line of products though, I may try a sample pack. Still very pricey imo


Hi, Thanks for the response! Our prices are very competitive for the industry.

I have not tried their Gelato #33 but our Gelato is OUT OF THIS WORLD! :slight_smile:


What do u mean competitive? As far as I am aware, True Terpenes holds the throne for top quality assurance and top prices. If you are matching their prices, you are not being competitive. If u still believe you are being competitive, please show examples of other companies that you are competing against. From what I can tell, you and True Terpenes are the most expensive food grade/botanical Terps commercially available.
Floraplex is half your price, I would call that competitive. Or even 25% less than true terpenes would still be competitive. I mean I do see you beating some other companies by a dollar or two. But I dont hear anyone using those guys Terps in bulk, maybe for a dab or two but not really for cart making. Which is what most of us on here need Terps for


Our products speak for themselves and when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I’m sure you can find half the price and maybe even $1 per ML but you won’t ever match our quality within that price range.

Good day sir!


So your competitive in the sense that your terpenes blends are of much higher quality?
Believe it or not, floraplex is better than true terpenes for half the price. I’m still going to give you a try, just hesitant to even start because of the high price, if I do end up liking your terps
I would most likely use your fruit line to enhance the flavors of other “fruit strains” which do u recommend?


Make sure to use coupon code “future4200” to get 10% off. I recommend you try all of our terpene profiles. It really just comes down to personal preference on which flavors you like.

I would recommend trying one of our sample packs before you buy larger size bottles to see how you like them.


I’ve found that floraplex is of better quality than true terpenes as well. Again floraplex is half the price of what you are offering here


If you would like to send a sample pack (at no cost) of your terpenes, I’ll gladly do a side by side to the current Terps I use from floraplex.

But dishing out $$ just to “try” something, doesnt sit well now adays


Is this just poor customer service week or something? smh


Please use coupon code “future4200” for 10% off your order and I will throw in a free bottle for you to try out.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Yeah they just wanted to jump in and say hello. They arent trying to get us convert to them or else they would have done a floraplex type promotion, they are just throwing up an ad.
I’m with @demontrich if u do your research, you’ll see that pleasing the first 4 or 5 people who show interest in your product, usual gets the ball rolling if your product is as good as u say it is. People give honest reviews on here, and I’m waiting for others to give side by side comparisons before buying a “sample pack”

Your Terps are priced way too high to not be able to send out free sample packs, every terp company I’ve contacted has given me free samples :kissing_heart:


Ya I tried to inquire about a free sample for a forum review and they pointed me to their 1ml sample pack lol . I know I’m not about to spend true terp prices and not know what the quality is first.

Edit: they dmd me and are offering a sample pack for a review. I will let you all know how these are. I have high hopes. I have used all the top brands of terpenes along with no name brands and brands that are no longer around. So I will let you all know how these are!


Hey Sweeterps! Welcome to the community. I’m curious to know, what makes Floraplex “Burger King” and Sweeterps a “5 star restaurant”? Pardon me if I am misinterpreting you, but that is a pretty rude thing to say and slightly defamatory, especially if you lack any substantiating evidence to prove that your products are 5 star quality and that ours are 1 star. Please provide evidence that supports your claim of higher quality. Floraplex uses nothing but the best ingredients in our products and I’m dying to know what makes yours better! :thinking: