Sweet terps review!

Sweet terps.
They sent me a sample pack consisting of 4 small sample jars.

Terp profiles: Gelato, Super Lemon haze, Sweet Orange, and tangerine.

Initial thoughts of 4 people including myself: Let’s start with what was my personal favorite out of the batch, and is my new favorite fruit flavor ( I hate fruit flavors, love this one)
First is aroma: My first thought was a orange scent that I couldn’t put my finger on. Definitely sweet. Subject #2 says it smells like a creamcycle. I don’t smell the cream at all but do relate the orange. General consensus is that’s the scent.

Flavor: DELICIOUS. It tastes like a orange cream cycle without the cream. So good. Not like a fake candy flavor. I’m digging it and everyone likes it. Will use again.

Initial thoughts:
Smells similar to other brands. Not a bad thing. Just doesn’t stand out like the sweet orange.
Similar to true terpenes, the terpene store etc. Quality but doesn’t stand out.
Flavor: see aroma

Initial thoughts: smells like your smelling a Clementine or tangerine. It’s nice and fruity with a very familiar smell.

Aroma: see initial thoughts

Flavor: have not tried. I’m saving this and the super lemon haze for the lab to testing.

Super lemon haze: smells good. Again doesn’t stand out like the sweet orange did.
Aroma: this scent was on point with true and the terpene store. Although trues is more piney as is all there terps.
Flavor: sending in to lab for testing.

As of right now I can’t say an exact figure.
But I can say I used .5ml to 10 grams of distillate and it tastes right. I would say these are relatively pure terpenes with little or more probable, no cut at all.

I REALLY like the sweet orange. It’s so tasty. It stood out from any terpene I have ever smelled fruity or not.
Everything smelled the way it should have.
I do think the price of these terps is a bit steep much like true, but after trying and smelling them I am impressed. These are right there with the terpene store, and true terpenes. I tried flarplex and I’m not hating. Just not my cup of tea. They aren’t for me. I put these above floraplex.

I do wish @Sweeterps would lower their prices a bit and offer wholesale. Also a future4200 discount code is always nice.
Other then that, until I get lab results this is what I think about these terpenes and I know I will be trying more of their fruit line as the sweet orange blew my mind. I don’t like any company’s fruit lines so this is a pleasant surprise that these are actually tasty fruit flavors.

Any questions?



Thank you for the detailed review, very impressed!
Glad you enjoyed them. :slight_smile:

If you are interested in ordering we have a coupon code for 10% off! Please use coupon code: “future4200” during check out.

**For a limited time we will be tossing in FREE RANDOM TERPENE SAMPLES!!!

qualify make sure to use coupon code “future4200”

We currently offer wholesale pricing, however we have not added it to on our site. Feel free to give us a call directly for wholesale pricing.

New Strain Profiles, Fruity Flavors & Sweet Flavors are in the works and will be released sometime in the near future after testing is fully completed. If you have any suggestions do not hesitate to let us know.

We look forward to serving everyone with our premium terpene blends and will continue to provide you with the best customer service and products possible.



@Sweeterps I received my order and I am extremely impressed!!! I don’t get impressed very easily so that says a lot. Your terpenes are the best I’ve ever tried and I’ve had plenty. The fruity profiles are fking amazing, they taste exactly as they should and the free strains you sent are awesome as well. Thank you for the free samples, I really appreciate that. I will be ordering more and telling my friends about your company.

Keep it up!

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I am vaping your Strawberry terps now and I think I’m in love! :heart:

Glad to hear you are enjoying them so much. You are welcome for the free samples.

Thank you for the kind comments. :slight_smile:

Note to readers:
Please use coupon code “future4200” for 10% off your order + free samples will be added when coupon code is used.


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We have received a few calls asking why they didn’t receive free samples so I just wanted to write a quick reminder to everyone.

The free sample offer is only posted here on Future4200. You will need to remember to apply the coupon code “future4200” so we can include the free samples in your orders.

The coupon code will also give you 10% off your order as well.

We will be releasing a few new amazing flavors very soon!

How about some pics of what you got and what your doing with it. I’m sure sweet terps would appreciate that. :wink:


What not one of you cheerleaders has 1 pic of your products? :thinking:


Hopefully as more and more people get them in their hands, they will be cheering more frequently. :slight_smile:

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I bet this thread might blow up if you’d offer more free samples like some other terp companies I know have!

One might think to lose few hundred terps what you would gain back w all these members here bc word mouth spreads faster than anything!

Are you ready yet if so dm me I’ll take the first batch to be a real cheerleader


You guys need to stop being haters. These terps are not bad.
Ask them for a sample in return for a review on here or something.


I think that’s the way I worded it did I not?


I already did that my bro. As soon as I get them I will give them a review. I wasn’t hating either my bro. I was just calling a spade a spade. Notice how none of the cheerleaders put up any pics of what they got or what they are doing with the terps. :thinking:


No… ask sweet terps for a sample pack in trade for a review. Just like that.
I know @Sugaree (me) did and sure got samples and then a review followed. ( my old gf account. I made the reveiew)


I personally was the first to get a sample. I wrote a through review. You want me to find the jars for pics? Who cares about empty viles



In the words of the wise @cyclopath, because a picture is worth a thousands words. How long was your review? How do we know you got a sample pack? Understand?

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There ya go. I made carts and syringes with them. Shit was delicious. Still not switching because of price.


There you go a 3k word review with the price being the breaking point not the terps.


What is that big gallon of terpenes? Geez. Wtf? Gallon of terps. How many carts that make?

I never seen anything like that