Supercold/liquid nitrogen turpene pull question

Had a question a-la technique.

So I don’t have a superchiller freezer of any sort. Nor do I think getting a bunch of real cold freezers is my preferred route of setup.

I’m curious if I bought some liquid nitrogen, dumped it into a product chamber full of bud, then did the vacuum pull would it “get two birds stoned at once”? By doing the initial temperature drop coupled with having nitrogen in the chamber?

Would this also remove any water in there? Especially if the nitrogen was dehydrated?


Not sure I follow you. You want to fill a chamber with bud and LN2 then try and vacuum that chamber? Just a reference, LN2 expands /evaporates continually. This is why LN2 tanks have PRV’s on them set at different psi’s depending on the application.


Yeah so in the above tek and in similar turpene pull techniques there’s nitrogen gas passed through the bud as its under vacuum to “sweep” the turpenens through and condense later.

I’m curious if I can “wash” the weed (maybe not full soak, but get it all damp) with the liquid nitrogen, then as the vacuum is pulled and as it warms, if it would have the same “sweeping” effect.

I looked over it in a flash and I think what he means is just to use the nitro to “blanket” the product and solvent. The vessel was vacuumed first prior to “freezing” .

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The product is all frozen first, colder the better apparently.
It’s then slowly heated with nitrogen passed through, the nitrogen helps “mechanically” push the turpene molecules from my understanding.

@Beaker and @Future had some insights on a couple other threads on the inert gas strip style.
I’m curious if having the gas as a liquid first would have the same effect.

So I guess I’m just curious, if I poured liquid nitrogen overtop the weed, it will undoubtedly freeze it; I’m wondering if much will stay liquid, if the liquid will absorb into the weed, or if the nitrogen will gasify before I’d even notice any results?

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What results are you looking to notice?

If the presence of the liquid nitrogen when under deep vacuum will have a similar “sweeping” effect to the above turpene extraction experiment.

The procedure above has the frozen material in a tube, put under vacuum, then warmed slowly with addition of nitrogen gas to the system to encourage the expression of the turpenes.

I’m hoping to save the freezing and gas addition steps, and putting them into one.

Not sure if you understand the nature of LN2. It is constantly evaporating so it would be impossible to have it a vessel under vacuum. I have various LN2 dewars and even a mobile tanker(850 gallons) and the nitro does not stay a liquid. They all have PRV’s on them set to different pressures because the nitrogen is constantly turning into a vapor. From what you posted I understood that the nitro was just used to blanket the flower and solvent. The nitro isn’t the solvent that’s is being used and heated to extract the terps.


You’re certainly right that I don’t understand it :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never really used it before other than to smash a banana in science class in grade 7.

So there’s something apparently “mechanical” in the use of the nitrogen in the turpene expression. I’m just trying to figure out how to harness that. Seems like what people are currently doing might be the best way though :slight_smile:

Not gona work sorry
Liquid Nitrogen is a quit inert gas iT doesn t react with Many things
For a terpene to let loose of biomass and atach to a passing vapor there needs to be affinity so polarity is one
Eaqual or close boiling point is another
Reaction is yet another (but this changes one If the 2 into a third compound)
There are more but i don t know those
But Nitrogen might take something for the ride but not that i know of
Pulling a vacuum on Ln2 is not gona happen either
Liquid Nitrogen under vacuum has this beautifull trick for i can t come up with a diffrent word
IT becomes a solid in a split second to become a liquid again in a split second
Look iT up on You tube
Because of the vacuum lowering the bp the vapor release cools the Nitrogen even more solidifying iT


This thread has a bunch on the inert gas stripping method for solventless turpene extraction as well.
I guess I can just chalk my idea up as something not worth looking into :stuck_out_tongue:

Just seems like there are easier ways to extract terps my bro.

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I mean using the lowest boiling point solvent makes the most sense, and whatever creates the least azeotropes with your solvent of choice as well.

From what most people have been saying butane/propane/pentane pull would be the cheapest method. But you need to purge those quite well, which will result in turpene loss.

CO2 is the best way to scale
I have seen Amazing work by men that really know how to finetune the machiene


Yeah I was likely going to end up doing subcritical co2 pulls, then chilled etoh as my main solvent.
I was just curious if the nitrogen sweep would be useful for both a water pull as well as grabbing any other turpenes i might miss.

Listen i am No expert in these matters and sometimes we calculate left but turns out right
Ln2 has Many odds against You and the cost Will probably not make iT worth iT
But give iT a shot No idee how to cold trap iT thou i guess Ln2 :grinning:

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I wonder If a Steam distillation under pressure would work :grinning:

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My first thought would be degredation issues on the steam end. If it’s not under vacuum any temps above 50c start to muck with the turps.

Under pressure bp rise so say pentane Steam running treu in reflux
O Well just a crazy thought i guess🤣

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