Supercold/liquid nitrogen turpene pull question


Hehe, i posted a link to it above :stuck_out_tongue:



Come to think of iT we all have a pretty decent pressure Steam distillation unit at hand Our CLS !:grinning:
So If You have one pressure valve on the rig
And your biomass tube hase a hose prefurably with a cooling coil hose connected to the collection chamber
and your gaskets are Ok with the solvent You want to use
Its ready to go
Fill tube with biomass
Fill colection pot with solvent
Heat collection chamber to solvent boiling point
All valves open and Cool the coil
The Steam Will rise in both exits
In the coil iT Will reflux but in the biomass chamber ( If Jacketed even beter ) iT wont
And vapor Ahoy
Got. To give iT a shot
So Many things so little time :weary:


Well at least You have one​:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Didn t notice :rofl::rofl::grinning:


Pentane would be your solvent of choice from your list.