Summit Hochstrom Filter vs bel art tabletop buchner (use with cryo EtOH )

Any input on which would be better? Im running cryo ethanol bucket tech extraction so I’ll probably be building a bentonite/AC bed on the filters. Any Feedback Appreciated, I don’t want filtration to be a nightmare.


Bel Art Tabletop Buchner

Totally depends on what you are running. How cold? How much volume? What’s the end product? What’s your budget?

Both of my bel arts cracked a long time ago.

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Budget isn’t really an issue, and the costs are similar anyways. I get down to about -60. End product is distillate.

I expect to be filtering anywhere from 1 - 3 gals of crude, maybe more. I want to oversize this thing So I don’t have to fight it later and can do quick filtration on smaller batches.

Thanks for your response

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Dang. did they work well before they cracked?

Vac filtration is slow.

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I can’t stand the summit hochstroms (buchner).

If cost isn’t an issue, I’d invest in something better. And something that can push and pull.


I have never successfully filter with a bel-art at -80°C. Two issues:

  1. The filter plate shrinks when it’s that cold, so fats/powders flow right around it easily.

  2. The bottom seal will crack and leak immediately, spilling solution onto the surface.

Fuck a bel-art. It works for an initial rough filtration at room temperature - that’s about it.


I use a bel art and love it, but anyone over the 10” has a welded seal thag will eventually crack during cold filtering. I only use mine for room temp rough cut filtering, and then finish in a stainless one. Ive never used a summit one so i can speak about them. My bel art does alot of volume


Thanks for the first hand experience… Can you recommend anything better for me to look into? Excuse my ignorance but I was only considering vacuum filtration to this point, and have just been looking for the widest surface area buchner design possible to try to get a decent filtration rate.

OK that’s good info. Since I’d be using mine at such colder temperatures, I may try and steer towards something glass or stainless.

you cant go wrong with a large TC filter in my opinion


TC filter? what’s that stand for, I’m not familiar with that design.


Slap a lid on it and pressurize it.


working on it :smiley:


I’m not here to slander/shit-talk…but the 350mm filters from Xtractor Depot seem to tear easily. Only using about 10 psi head pressure and -10" Hg collection pressure. One or two small holes pop through the filter - but it’s enough to let a noticeable amount of fats through.

is the paper on a fritted disk or just on the perforated filter plate??

Paper over a perforated plate. Fritted disc disperses the pressure more evenly, I’m sure. But 20-30 psi pressure differential isn’t enough to warrant tears.

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@RockSteady So does the TC filter work by you pressurize/push from the top rather than apply vacuum at the bottom? or can you apply both?