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Thats why im going to Seattle next weekend… Live demo before I buy…


I am manager terry from China manufacturer that has been specializing in producing labs equipment, such as rotovap, chiller, spd, glass reactor, molecular distillation…

And if you want to send the inquiry, just dm and I could provide better price with u.


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I see this thread turned into a bit of a discussion on WFE vs. pot-based still systems. I’m thinking about this topic currently.

Does anyone have experience with the larger Summit heads based on the 4" flange that I see @BreakingDabs using? I’m curious if they will offer distillation rates that change this discussion, especially when comparing the cost per unit production of 2" and 4" WFE’s to pot-based systems.

Is anyone running distillate production with 20L pot-based systems? If isomerization and thermal degradation can be avoided (is this even really an issue??) they seem like they might be sort of “set-and-forget” similar to a WFE once into the main fraction.

@Psilisophical How are you running this setup? Are you doing a first pass (not a “devol” run) in the Pure Path and then your final pass in the pot still systems?

That Pure Path seems very expensive at $150k when compared to other manufacturers, is there something I’m missing there?


the purepath wasnt my decision, i just was using it. in fact i do the opposite, batch devol and finish single pass in the WF.

No summit hasnt released their flange head yet, BD is doing the r&d, i believe

Isomerization really isnt an issue unless you have vacuum leaks.




So far in our tests we havent had any isomer changes we didnt expect. Zero cbc after first pass or second pass… only a d10 test result that we narrowed down the cause not to be distillation at its root. A whole lot of research went into that that i cant discuss but we have tested every run ive done with it on our hplc. 6L first pass, 2L/hr second pass… $42k for the system based on the lists of build outs ive done for people lately…

The roots vta only does about 1400ml /hr first or second pass and that thing costs 165K…

You do the math from there… also with a vta you have to do 8hrs of decarb and deterp before the runs… i do that in the run. 14L run in 6hrs first pass… do 2 a day… then set up super clean and do a second pass of 14L second day… thats 28L/crude knocked out in 2 days time… by myself…


hi buddy,

You could purchase SPD from me, and I am China manufacturer. There are 2L, 5L , 10L and 20L, you could see the following specification for 2L spd:

2L Heating mantle* 1set
Rotary vane vacuum pump 2xz-1L* 1set
24/402 2000ml, 2-neck Round Bottom Flask 1pcs 24/402 14/20 Distiller 1pcs
24/40 250ml 3-Neck Distillation Cow receiver* 1pcs 24/40 250ml Round Bottom Flask* 3pcs
24/40 Cold Trap* 1pcs
Cold Trap Cover* 1pcs
24/40 1000ml Receiving Flask* 1pcs
14/20 Temp. Casing Pipe* 1pcs
24/40 Temp. Casing Pipe* 1pcs
14/20 Hollow Plug* 1pcs
24/40 Hollow Plug* 1pcs
24/40 Funnel* 1pcs
0-300°C Mercury Thermometer* 1pcs
GL14 Cover* 5pcs
#24 SS Neck Clip for Bottle* 2pcs
#24 Plastic Neck Clip for Bottle* 4pcs
2m Silicone Tube* 1pcs
Wood Pallet for flask* 2pcs
SS Lifting Platform* 1pcs
Iron Stand* 1pcs
0-20mm Cross Clip* 2pcs
Three Claw Clip* 2pcs
Experimental Chain Clip* 1pcs

Also rotovap, chiller, vacuum pump and wiped film extraction.
If u need, just dm me.


If you have to decarb for 8 hours to run the VTA youre doing something wrong. The 4 inch glass VTA should do 2 to 3 liters an hour if ran correctly, the steel 6 inch i run does 4.5 liters an hour at over 99.9%total cannabinoids. Youll never hit that on an SPD.


Buy the heads from summit and bet your flasks from rocco., tou dont need a chiller/heater for a short oath and tou can get way cheaper pumps rhan what they charge. Do a lil homework or if tiur just syung to spend money tou dont have to then by all means buy a turn key set up.


Thanks for the advice I dont know what I would do without brilliant people like yourself giving unsolicited advice


I dont have but 1 spd run under my belt, so this is merely my take.

Chineese glass is great. The weap points are the head thermowell and the BF thermowells are a FN joke! Grab ptfe thermowells, and the correct temp probe hole size.

You can use a bucket vs a chiller. BUT dont let the disty get cool and block up the head flow, or your in trouble. Ill gladly use my chiller/heater.

Always wash the glass after shut down. Im tossing my 2l BF as its fvcked and caked silid with the remains from my spd run. Its only a 50.00 piece.

Also on rocco. 1 week ago rocco (iicr) glass just got dissed as being shit quality.


Yep be careful with rocco ill link the post, he finally took that shit back after a month with paypal


Most legal labs ive seen decarb over time… so not something im doing, just what ive observed, i use a combination of spd and wfe typically… 6L/hr first pass on spd… from crude through decarb and mains… then winterize… then wfe 8” at 10L/hr… but, a really awesome spd will cost a 5th of the price of an equal value wfe system… i dont blame people who use spds as the oil tends to look better with simpler methods… as well as potency is comparable if the system is setup and ran correctly… ive never seen 99.9% potency from a wiper, most do 91%-93% on average. But okay thats fine… also, different strokes for different folks. One is not better then the other, they each have limitations.

Also, if i did second pass on spd it is at 2L/hr and the color will beat any wfe oil, especially in cart volume. And still hold the potency… so again… not better, just different


I also didnt say anything about ran correctly, in its configuration and aetup by the roots science, it runs at 1.4L/hr… im going by their methods… not my own… i can make any wiper run to its max speed based on how fast the column can load… but that doesnt mean you should… just that you can… and this was i believe the 2” version… im not sure of the smaller sizes and how they look vs size… i have an 8” glass wiper so i have no way to fully reference


May I ask what type of hosing you recommend for SPD if not vacuum hosing?


Lol just because youve never seen it doesnt mean it hasnt been done. Ill upload the test results and link you to the video when i get home. A wiper can make better distillate then an SPD anyway you look at it as long as you know what youre doing. I can make water clear on a wiper if i really want to, color means nothing for potency anyways.



Heres some disty that was made on the small glass VTA. Whats awesome about a WFE is theres no heads or tails, which actually gives you more usable distillate in the end with less work. Not to mention cleaning glass sucks. Ill upload more test results when i get back to my house. Theres a reason root science is the best. This was made using their SOP with a little modification by myself. I didn’t decarb for 8 hours either. Root science is the only company that ive seen be able to hit these purity levels .


Its still a single theoretical plate barber pole! You can only push it so far.


Cool thats impressive, ive hit above 100% on spd but would expect those results to just mean the testing facilities standard is old… ive never name distillate that was water clear in volume via spd… without preprocessing. So if you can make water clear without preprocessing thats impressive. Id like to know how theres no heads when in the heads fraction theres clearly other molecules that are not cannabinoids. From my experience with tails fractions and wfe i do understand the level of tails is so minimum its more like a gum or wax then an oil, which makes its removal easy ans the quantity minimal.

Im not here to fight about which is better, to me there are different machine based on alot of factors.