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The same person with a wfe is going to hit that same hurdle. We all have to learn some way, a short path is just a cheap option to get your feet wet learning to distill cannabinoids . Personally before I ever attempted working with cannabinoids I was well versed in vacuum distilation.I just applyed the knolage to a new venture, at first distillations were all by the seat of my pants! My point in all this is wfe isn’t for everyone, but if you need to make (x) liters daily it is a good option. Especially if you like to go home at normal hours! download%20(4)
with the small exception of…

small tweaks need to be made every now and again! But almost set and forget!


Give us a call! Will do our best to work with you and your budget!


Hope your having a wonderful day! We’d be happy to get you into contact with customer references that run large batches of distillate in our systems. We also have Wiped film options available too! Give us a call when you have time. We’d be happy to go over your questions and new options we have available.


Sorry to hear about the issues you had! Reach out to personally at or call 720-684-6857 Ext 601. I will make sure it never happens again and we make right by you. Thanks for the business!


Well, this thread blew up! A guy goes offline for the weekend and this happens! lol


Hahah hope you got your questions answered.


The answer to your question, is to invest in a wiped film stay far away from any short path.


That’s funny, because that wasn’t my question. Not sure why this thread turned into a wiped film vs short path thread… I currently run my business on a short path and have absolutely no complaints from any customers. I’m looking for equipment that is within my business plan and my budget, ie. a 5L short path.

I understand that a wiper is a great, scaleable distillation system. Unfortunately that is way out of my price range.


I take full responsibility for derailing the conversation but keep this discussion in mind when you scale up my man dont let them lie to you :slight_smile:


Give us a call at 720-600-2037 when it’s convenient for you! We have both options available and we’d love to earn your business.


WFE is definitely for the people that want to become a dam Oil Refinery lol - the fact is man that most of the people who want distillate for their carts and edibles etc. are perfectly happy with what an SPD can offer. Turn-key LS kit with all the fancy shit you can handle is still going to be $15-25k initial investment vs. a 2’’ pope clocking in at $50k without auto feed pumps or discharge or diff vac. It’s us (the consultants) who’ve seen so much crazy shit and know the “behind the scenes” of what’s going on that are always thinking about massive scale and that’s OK. I personally get alot more enjoyment out of teaching and consulting on SPD vs. setting up some massive 3-stage KD30 where you can’t even see wtf is going on underneath the stainless enclosures. -My 2 cents.


Yup these things are okay for very small scale stuff. I wouldnt say they are turn key especially for someone who is not a trained chemist.

I am trying to let people know these are not made for production, 12 liter spd should be used as terrariums.

I also am here to warn the people who look up to you and future that you both have or currently cash checks from LS. And if you dont you all are friends and reach out to stroke each other. A bright educated skepticism of you all in your percieved levels of power in the industry should be welcomed.

How long should a second pass take

I don’t personally make a dime from LS - I will however do everything in my power to dissuade people from spending money at Summit, so LS is a natural choice when I’m asked what to buy.
That being said, If someone hires me and gives me a 250k, 500k, million dollar budget to maximize production - I’m not going to suggest they buy 8 12L LS SPD’s lol. I’m not an idiot :kissing_heart:

Edit: I laugh when people say we all stroke each other… I think it’s borne from some kind of jelousy? Yes we found ways to work together to further ourselves as well as help others. This forum is proof that opensource isn’t dead and the goal is/was/always will be to help others - no one is required to spend money to browse, read, learn, and form their own educated opinion of how to spend their money. I’m just happy to be a part-of.


any opinions about Root Sciences and their SPD system?


This guys got a point from the sounds of it noone is able to acive the vac level needed to remove that butt smell completely with a average spd. Yet No one will tell you this. People are investing years and tones of money only to find out the hard way. I hope i am wlrong but thats the consensus ive reached spd = mid grade? Anyone able to achieve a zero smell distillate even when heated? If so how and what set up what vac pump. Ptfe sleeves or greese? Hose or full bore? Lle or not is so what parameters. Lets air out the misinformation can it be done ?


Can we get a consensus?


I believe that falls into pre and and intermediate processing. I could be totally waaay off, but doesn’t degumming help with that some? I have had disty that doesn’t smell


I’ve ran a root science 6 inch steel VTA. I could make 4.5 liters an hour at over 99.9% total cannabinoids. The best word to describe a VTA IS BEAST I’ve yet to see a competitor’s WFE touch it. I’ve seen people with 3 stage KD-10s who cant get above 95% even with 3 stages! It is alot on how you run it though.


Usually the nasty smell comes from heavy terpenes that have a close boiling point to THC, decarbing in a reactor under vac will help you remove MORE of these terpenes then with no vac, which in turn gives you better vac and better separation to get more terpenes out in the SPD. Hot


Hot condenser tech will help too