Suggested short path vendors


Im saying that your position that noones making more than 5L a day is a ridiculous thing to say, and your confirmation bias is showing


No one is making more than 5 liters a day from on 12 L short path out of the box from lab society. You are included in this because you are using 3 machines and a wiped film…


If im allowed multiple boiling flask i can do it… i once did 60L in 2 weeks by myself… but i also know how to not sleep for 4 days straight and im pretty sure im part demigod


When you learn your cuts and know how to rip as fast as possible, you stack up a bunch of first passes, then just rip 20L 2nd passes at 1 micron… really not hard… just takes practice


I dont think there is any possible way to achieve a one micron vacuum with the materials provided by lab society in the 12 liter package


It just depends on where you take the reading at. Having said that I think around 5-10 micron is more reasonable. I run at 4 pretty commonly.
We also favor more ground glass connections and less GL barbs and o-rings in our systems. Nothing wrong with o-rings but more prone to user error. In fact less joints overall is better IMO.

I generally agree with what you are saying. Short path is more for smaller operators. That’s sort of the evolution that the industry has taken. Everyone started on short path’s and moved up to WFE. Note that both systems were already there available for purchase. Only a matter of time before more custom engineered cannabis specific systems are created.


15 liters out of 3 12 liters daily. Reading comprehension/0


So on average per machine is 5L which does not refute what I have stated. I am also not sure what you mean by saying these words “reading comprehension” I suggest we keep this conversation objective and refrain from personal attacks.


I don’t even think I know what the question here is, Man… :anguished:


Oh… i cant speak for ls stuff


I am searching for someone producing quality cbd distillate on an medium sized scale (defined as above 10 kilos a day) from a lab society short path distillation unit of the box.


We started out with the claim nobody can make 5kg of quality distillate/day out of any mantle based SPD…


This dude really hates LS.


i have no dog in the race, but im a bit curious. Why do you keep defining it as “out of the box”? Most people ive seen in this industry have all custom setups based on their needs. I understand Lab Society might sell a turn key setup in which they market it as 12L setup gets you 5Kg per day, but who uses a system right out of the box. Probably a very small few. So you keep bring up this super small detail…Narrows the amount of people that can refute your point…then to further narrow it to Lab Society…well now your just picking at straw.

Is this why you keep bringing this up? Do you not like this particular companies marketing? i think you made your point that its very hard to produce 5kg from 12l system.

The OP asked specifically about different Short Path Vendors. Not if its possible to produce x with y. This thread has veered off so much from the original question. Hope you all are having a wonderful long weekend.


Yes they market as a cheap start up distillation unit to super the little guys but in reality to even make the unit operational you have to pump several thousand more into the machine. In addition to this prohibitive characteristic these little guys you also need to pay someone trained to custom upgrade your machine (like me, future, columbo etc).


So, you’re saying that a summit kit comes with everything you paid for and don’t need to convince Elliot that grease and clips should be included in a “turnkey” setup. Along with needing to spend an extra amount, just to get your machine to turn on. Or are you just choosing to slay Lab Society? I mean, they have more employees to pay, that might negate an extra cost at some point. At least they answer the phone and reply, regardless if it’s something Elliot forgot, or if you want to spend money and he doesn’t respond for days on end. But yes, it is hard to make that much disty on a stock system. But, it’s also hard to run 10 sec ¼ mile in a stock Honda. So.


If you cant upgrade you equipment yourself, you shouldent be running it!


Exactly, that is why i am arguing short paths are useless unless you want to pump a bunch more money into them and hire an expensive consultant plus upgrade all the equipment.

Most people buying these things dont know how to use them so they must hire someone. This is why i believe future advocates so heavily for them.


Regardless of summit ,LS whatever. Any vendor i have seen that sells short paths are rip offs and not ready to use put of the box. Elliot is a toy, yes


i have to agree with you on the marketing aspect of your arguement. most companies inflate their numbers a bit.

Do you think a company running 1x 12l short path can make 5kg if they run 3x- 8 hour shifts so they can run a whole 24hrs.

Back to inflated marketing numbers. This industry is full of them…most are. I think @Dred_pirate 10 sec 1/4 mile was a bad example but a better car one that most of us can relate too… Does your car get the gas mileage on the sticker of your car when you bought it? Im sure my car can get 41mpg but typically i only see 34. Someone hypermiling can probably achieve this but i got a heavy foot.

How many people believe the potency # on most of the packaging out there. Not me. I dont think $25K is a small price either. I do feel if you can make 4kg with a 12l system and do it for 7 days straight. It seems like that $25k can be paid off in a week.

I get your argument. I see your point. i get it. But this is how everything is. Do you get the internet speeds your isp states? I can keep going with inflated example in life. It sucks and sometimes were suckers. Thats what marketers get paid for…