Suggested short path vendors


I myself produce 15-30 kilos a day of CBD distillate on 3 12L Lab Society units and a Pure Path Wiped Film from Cascade.

whats your gripe with lab society? If their price is to much Ebay has plenty of perfectly fine glassware.


Thanks for chiming in I recently came across you guys and after some problems with LS I’m currently looking for a new supplier. Where is the best place to find pricing etc


The website is good but it’s a little inaccurate at the moment. We will be updating things soon, but until then feel free to email or call us any time for a quote.


Wiped film, short path, and spinning band are all different machines with different applications, benefits, and trade offs to each. Most processors use a combination to reach the desired quality for their products.


I vehemently disagree, for processing hemp crude oil a wiped film distillation is the most efficient and scalable method of production. Anyone who tells you something different is trying to sell you something.


Yes it may be the most efficient and scalable, but is also a significantly larger initial investment. You absolutely can use a SPD to make high quality distillate at a profitable rate in most markets


I suppose for hemp it might be all you need. That’s because the crystallization process purifies the distillate and having a starting purity of 85% or 95% might not make all that much difference in yield of isolate. On the other hand it might, but I can’t say for sure without the numbers to back it up. My comment was more focused on the THC side of production because the bar keeps getting set higher and wiped film alone probably wont cut it for the higher end markets.


A multi stage wiped film setup can definitely compete with a mantle based SPD in purity, and typically beats them in throughput efficiency


Significantly? Maybe a couple dozen grand more to make triple if not quadrupole the amount. It is a complete no brainer. Its so easy to obtain a couple thousand dollars in the industry there are so many people that have half a brain and have a couple hundred thousand.

No person can produce over 5 kilograms of high purity distillate with no degraded shitty smell with cbn conversion a day with one machine.

it also requires more training if you are not a classic trained chemist, it is also not continuous feed.


False. You may not have the skills or experience to have seen this, but there are plenty of people producing high quality distillate on a mantle based short path. Quite a few of them are very active here, @ColumboLabs being one right off the top of my head.

A well setup 12L from Lab Society will run you like 30k ish, and can produce at least 1LPH of 90%+ D9, first pass, with no degradation to CBN.

How much for a wiped film that can do 1LPH and in one pass make 90%+ D9?

A multistage stainless chemtek wfe is a serious machine, and no lab scale mantle based SPD will ever compete.

But to say that there’s no place for SPD is flat out wrong.


O boy. Well columbo has also put several dozens of thousands of dollars into his short path. My point is, if you buy a standard lab society 12 liter it is not anywhere near the quality of vaccuum pump, vacuum hosing etc to produce high quality distillate. After you pump 20-30 thousand extra to what lab society sells you then yes you can make some fire that you can make maybe 5-7 kilos a day MAX but absolutely no more.

I really hope people can see that this is simply future in bed with lab society and he wont admit defeat because his reputation and pocket book is on the line here.

Future, I love you but you will never be able to rationally surpass my argument in this narrow realm of the industry.


I make zero dollars from Lab Society.

Summit makes plenty of high quality equipment that will make high quality distillate as well, I just don’t point people in their direction for customer service reasons. @goldleaf_scientific also makes and supplies equipment that disproves your claims, I point people in their direction, and again make no money from them.

I point people in the direction that best suits their situation. For some that’s SPD for some it’s WFE, and for others it’s a combo of both.

Reputation? You are the one throwing relatively absurd absolutes around… If not overselling people on an expensive WFE is bad for my reputation then I will take the bad reputation :man_shrugging:


If you are using vacuum hosing on your short path you are doing it wrong. And a whole 12L from L.s and two edwards 28 pumps will only run you 25k


There is no one I have met that has ever been able to produce more than 5 kilos a day on one short path that doesnt smell like shit or has cbn conversion.

I encourage you, to put me in touch with people who have bought a LS or any other silly canna company short path and can pull it out of the box and produce disillate with high purity and not smell like butthole.


@highestzen @Photon_noir @cyclopath @BreakingDabs @Psilisophical @710ST


nope. I appreciate the thought though…

As it happens, I was spoiled and went directly from a 2l summit to a chemtech KD-6

haven’t had near enough time on either to be wading in here…


Idk of you are just ignoring other peoples points, or just trolling, but youre wrong. Again, Quality 15-30 kilos a day, miss me with the ignorance.

Quality of vacuum pumps? Quality of hosing? What are you even talking about.

Im not saying the equipment is jewels from the gods, but to think that its all scams and junk means only that you have been taught wrong


15-30 kilos a day on one single12 liter short path bud? Lol


3 12 liters and a PurePath wiped film


You are not saying anything to refute what I have said. But i am always willing to debate this topic of wiped film superiority.

Short paths make nice expensive terrariums though.