Sugar ...

Trying to finally get the right steps down on making sugar … been doing it but usually only on accident on rich terpene slaps that spreads which I don’t hate. I just want to see a way to actually make all the slabs desired to sugar in the oven …

have you explored the search function?

ie: Search results for 'sugar' - Future4200

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Olythestrongtek no cryo crash, for a more sop approach …and wait till almost all tane gone before jarring for just sugar…follow sop

Or same method I’ve told u before…blast , let all evap or recover all…purge 1 hr full vac 80f…jar the honey…if u want drier purge lil higher temp (Ur losing terps though)…jar honey 2 to 3 weeks…u can put back In vac oven to final clean the terps if u don’t purge away to get drier sand, -15 to -20 80f coupe days…will work every time unless u do the first purge to long then u end up w stable shatter…its all in the way u process…

Remember …short quick purge…then jar honey, time is ur other purging device…then the final clean up in end…


is there a specific reason to which of having most of the tane out before enclosed heat? Does it help with residual solvent process?

I get build in pressure then my sugar gets larger but not much…i recently changed to a -20 purge instead -30…its still honey just retains more solvent for pressure (some say don’t matter I like) and keeps terps


When u jar it for 2-3 weeks for those 2-3 weeks do u just put em in the oven at 80f at 0 vac

Yep, but your cabinet would suffice to, the sugar make it a little bit bigger on heat and may happen a little bit faster with heat

Place the entire contents at the end -20 80f for a day to clean terps at end …i never do though at end

I’m in Canada my room temp is +5-10
Do u screw the jars on tight the whole process

O :blush: 65 to 75 works just fine…

That’s roght…dont open ull lose the residual pressure from the oil degassing solvent 2 to 3 wks after seal…i like the pressure I think helps make bigger