Sugar being passed as diamonds..

I cannot tell you how many times in the last couple months someone has brought sugar over and been like look at these diamonds I got for cheap… it’s not helping some of the stores around me are selling it like that also, but not cheap… it’s sugar that looks like someone is rolling it up in balls adding terps and trying to call it diamonds. Is this really what ima have to start doing now?.. ughhh… nobody ever brings diamonds… I dont think these people out here really know what a diamond is supposed to be… I would shit myself if someone brought one of @Dred_pirate quality facets by… I think I need a consult… big or even medium diamonds would really kill it around here…


Next time, if possible, grab some pics please!

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if it ain’t got facets it ain’t proper diamonds


Personally I’d rather have the sugar than the diamonds. Especially if the price is right. Big massive stones are cool for pictures and instagram, but personally I like sugar with the perfect amount of terps rather this massive stone I’m gonna crush regardless.

Just my opinion.


Diamonds are cool to look at, but like @killa12345_concentrates said, not much for smoking. The big rock here I’ve seen all over the place now, it might not ever get smoked


if you get it right you can get a much nicer terp fraction growing good diamonds with very little secondary crash on the terp fraction. compared to sugar. They don’t need to be large i agree but done right there is a tech to get more thca to crash out of your terp fraction that you can’t do making sugar. the top pic i posted to me is perfect size. One rock one dab and you can use a jewelers claw to pick out your desired deliciousness. no breaking up necessary.


I try to get around an 80/20 diamond to terp ratio. If you have more terps your gonna get more secondary terp sugar crash when you seperate.


I havent tried to make dimonds in a long time now, i prefer applesauce or chunky badder consistencies


You’re in Oklahoma?

If so DM me, I’ve got some diamonds that are large enough to make ya happy :grimacing:


Diamonds should be sold at Miami art shows in collaboration with LEIDY MAZO!
Some Jurassic park eggs :egg: with the Columbiana’s art…would Be dope

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Otherwise brick it for the safe.
They used to sell those hand presses in conviemiemt stores in Miami. Custom future stamp :rofl::fire:

I agree 100% with you on proper sugar being the best product to dab. There is a lot of hype in Canada surrounding large stones though. Some clients are willing to pay almost 50% more for the exact same amount of thca and sauce, but in boulder formations.

As long as they pay, I will keep the sugar for personal and recrystallize for 1g facets. Not all of us enjoy hitting 1g rocks, at 900f with only <5% sauce. That’s an Instagram thing…


certain strains just go off. I ask them nicely to grow smaller and slower but sometimes they don’t wanna listen. If your hitting 1g rocks at 900f with less then 5% terps your an idiot anyways. It’s pretty sick to have a jar of proper size rocks with the right amount of terps smoked at 475f off of real saphire or ruby. Some people like bud light and some people like high end whiskey but to each their own. It’s cool that this day and age everyone’s got choices and can find their own personal preference. I used to scrape my pipe and hit resin back in high school when i had no loot or flower. we’ve come along way. I never imagined smoking diamonds :gem: off rubies :diamonds:


@Killa12345 and @Future are bout on the same page as I for personal preference. And big diamonds are just for flexing. I usually end up smashing my big ones and tossing them into another batch to dissolve. Or I’ll bust them up and use them as seeders. Either way, most big-big ones don’t go out.

I prefer batters and applesauce textures. I get a good blend of the cannabinoids and terpenes. And I can take the right sized dab.

I thoroughly enjoy growing good sized diamonds. Even though some cuck is going to be taking a $40-50 dab instead of breaking that big ass chunk of thca.

And labeling tiny sugar as diamonds is silly. And even calling it isolate or anything similar is just a gimmick. If it’s not 98-99% it’s not isolate or thca. It’s just sugar with very little terpenes.


what is everyone considering a large diamond? .25 to a .5g for personal consumption? just curious.


I personally like to take .10 or smaller dabs. I just take like 50 of them. I feel like the larger ones are sorta a waste as I’m mopping up large amounts of something from my banger.

I like to bury hits and really try to conserve what I have. Eating threw 3g of oil a day can be costly for consumers.

And this is strictly personal preference. I don’t hate on them people that take massive dabs. I’m just a bit older and more conservative. More power to ya if you can just blaze .5g dabs all day. Straight up! I envy u!


i agree. i shoot for .25 but got a bit of a tolerance now lol. i try to use only one side of a q tip to wipe clean otherwise i’m wasting my hard work :pensive:



Nothing big but still pretty clear and perfect size for dabbing


When I was 18 years old I probably did 10 or so 1 gram dabs now I couldn’t do more than .5g if I tried but really a .1g dab is plenty large.

One time I met this gorgeous girl that could keep up with my dabbing, then I realized she was just a tweaker trying to come down off of whatever else she was on. Large dabs are much easier to do with a bunch of adrenaline pumping through your system :joy:


It’s hard for delivery services who are going 100 percent off pics and labeling. For instance something really nice labeled sugar won’t sell. So I see why they would label not so good sugar “sugar” and really good sugar “diamonds”.

And for the record diamonds are novelty and sugar is for the heads