Sublimation and apparat(us/i?) along with Vacuum depth

I went through all of the information on @Beaker’s site and I really appreciated and enjoyed it. He goes into detail on sublimation and how it can be an excellent low volume alternative to SPD. I was wondering how deep of a vacuum would be necessary to try sublimation. I don’t think I can hit 3/4 of a micron but I could probably hit 8-10 microns…

I also was looking around at other sublimation apparatus that might better fit my budget and came across one of deschem’s. I use a lot of his glassware. I wanted to know what everybody thought:

Since I already use a RBF and heating mantle it would better fit my current setup, but I think the chemglass sublimator (the 500$ one) certainly has a lot of advantages.


It will work, although the size of the cold finger won’t allow for much product.

did you notice that @Beaker’s sublimator was up for grabs…for a couple more days.