Strong Sauce Tek after Washing buds (with water)


Go a little colder 80~, it’s still a liquid coming out of a liquid, it pulls out easy. . Trans carophyllne boils off at 120. Under vac, that’s much lower.


Just repeating what I read in the otss I thought…I never make w anything but pure


Since the last image, I put my jar on a heating mat set to 90 Deg (F). 18 days later the amount of diamonds have about tripled. Still sandy in size and texture as expected. I haven’t opened this jar in over a month so I can’t comment on the smell or quality of dabs but I very much look forward to tasting this batch.

Should I keep it on heat longer or thats pretty much all that will grow?


Try burping the jar every 3-5 days untill no more pressure builds.