Strong Sauce Tek after Washing buds (with water)

This site doesn’t seem to have anyone that washes their buds (with water) after harvesting. This is something I’ve done for the last 3 years for my outdoor grows as it gets super dusty/pollenie in my neck of the woods and it helps with the taste/allegeryness of my buds.

My question for those experienced with the “Only the Strong Sauce Tek” is, if there is left over moisture in the bud from the water rinse, would this effect the SOP/outcome of the Strong Sauce Tek? I would think not since the buds already have moisture in them that gets frozen anyways during the flash freeze, but wanted to check here first.

Should outdoor buds even need to be washed (with water) if they are going to be extracted with BHO?

For reference, I’m a small grower doing BHO extractions with about 150grams per BHO run. I use a pressurized closed column extractor with an inline dewaxer from best value vacs. I plan on documenting my experience for all the small growers/extractors out there not using the latest/most expensive extraction equipment out there.


I’ve got a question, this has nothing to do with your topic but you’re using an inline dewaxer on a closed column, as a second stage? Or just so your material jacket has dry ice around it?

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get the buds dry again before extracting, water inside the plant cells is not the same thing as surface h20. Any ice on the surface of the buds will cover the tricombs you are trying to extract.
Washing buds from outdoor isnt a bad idea, I think it could become an industry standard.:man_farmer:


Watched videos on washing in general after harvest…i was amazed at the particulate…is this carried through w extraction or locked up behind if frozen tight???


@StoneD - I have a jacked sleeve that I add dry ice and ISO to. I’m also curious if the freezing will lock up the particulate should I decide not to wash them. Can anyone else chime in here?

@Soxhlet - I was afraid of an answer like that. I’d have to dry the buds enough so the H2O rinse is gone, but not go into the territory of evaporating terps. BTW, I gotta say I love washed buds. It just makes so much sense for an outdoor grow, and the smoke is much more enjoyable than non-washed outdoor buds.

At this point, I’ll have to experiment a BHO run with washed buds, and without washed buds.

Is there any reason NOT to

  1. take your fresh harvest
  2. pack into column WITHOUT flash freeze
  3. Freeze the column with a jacked dry ice/ISO mixture
  4. Then rinse with butane

It seems that packing the column without the flash freeze might be to much handling of the buds (I’ve read here that you want to handle them as least as possible before the flash freeze). But the buds STILL get frozen after applying the dry ice/ISO mix to the sleeve. So is there any real negative by going this route? Something I’ll experiment with if I don’t here from anyone about this.


Shouldent be any issues with packing then freezing, It is mostly done the other way around because the growers will freeze the plant. If you thawed a plant that was frozen it would turn to mush.
lightly pack your tubes, pull vacuum, then freeze!


I’m going to guess those particulates make it through with the extraction unless u have a really fine screen that your extract is being filtered through. When you do the Dewax step, you might get some particulates to get locked up with the waxes, because they will act like a 3d filter when they build up across your actual fitler, making the particulates stick to the wax instead of flushing through.


Ok I think he’s confused …

Inline dewax a complete next tube without material in it…

He has a openjacket dewax sleeve for material…

To op…itll lock up the plant waxes if u get cold enough but anything bad like pollen from other plants, or anything that dissolves in our solvents, will be in ur extract is what sox is saying…

@StoneD, yes, thanks for clarifying that up.

This site has been a big help. I plan on posting my results within the week.

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Darn, I just realized that my final results won’t be ready for 3-4 more weeks… none the less, I’ll update this thread when I have one.

Has anyone ever cut strait into column, push nitrogen then pull vac and stick columns in freezer for 24-48 hours then do your run still using dry ice and Iso in sleeve, and do a solvent soak and then a inline dewax.

When i was processing at Burnt River Farms in Oregon we tried a 5lb column with Malawi like this, the run was by far my most memorable and favorite extract I processed. One of the most tropical terp profiles I ever tasted and talk about sugar city, by the time it went threw testing(lab we were using EVIO was backed up about 3 weeks) and got to the packaging girls the chunks of sugar merging created looks of chunky diamonds bonded together


After a 50 hourish cold crash using dry ice and ISO, my jar looks like this. I’m afraid it looks like a ton of lipids at the bottom of the jar, but I’m not sure. My SOP is to dewax using a sleeve around my material column filled with dry ice and ISO for 60 mins, before blasting with canned butane left in the freezer for 1 hour. I let the tane soak my material column for another 30 mins while adding dry ice to the column sleeve. This picture is about 3.5 weeks old, and still no diamonds in my jar :frowning:

Seems like so many fats in there those clusters arents clusters of sugar?

U should have blasted fast…NO SOAK!

U picked up fats soaking, the tane in can hard to get cold enough…when u do it doesn’t want to go in… If you are trying to leave them behind, freeze then blast FAST…no soak… If ur trying not to get wax that is


Darn I was afraid of it being fats.

Any input on whether or not the tane soak improves yield? That’s the only reason I let it soak. Otherwise I can try not letting it soak.

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Your yielding more undesirables too though

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Soak more weight,but not good weight…

No soak w frozen equals pure

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Ok but for real, how many people actually wash their flowers after harvest? This is the first Ive heard of this and am very intrigued. Found a video - YouTube where he uses H2O2, baking soda/lemon juice, then clean water. Any one here know which of these are essential, or if there is a better way to do it? Because this could absolutely become a important part of outdoor harvest, being able to kill of any fungus and bugs and clean off dust.

washing with several volumes of distilled h20 should be sufficent. have you seen the brown water that comes off those washes lol? The worst was last year when we had to deal with crops that were near a huge forrest fire.


Thanks for all the feedback on my SOP everyone. I take it my jar of solution won’t crystallize, and that I should re-attempt without soaking the material column with tane.

@HashyLarry, I’ve been washing my outdoor harvests ever since I heard about the technique 3 years ago. I use 3 buckets (5 gallons each):

Bucket 1: Warm Water, backing soda (1 cup), lemon juice from concentrate (1 cup)
Bucket 2: cold water
Bucket 3: cold water

I give my branches 20-30 seconds in each bucket with some slight agitation.

There are a lot of mixed reviews online about the process, and what I’ve found is that most of the negative feedback come from people who have never tried the technique, and only assume they will lose too many trichomes during the washing.

I’ve never lab tested my product after a wash to determine the % THCa, etc, but from my smokability tests, I absolutely prefer washed buds if they were grown outdoors