Strains that don't run hot

with the new USDA rules requiring us to be under .3% total THC, a lot of the hemp strains available are going to be extremely prone to running hot.

what strains do you all think are a safer bet to run this year?

I grew BOAX and BOAX x OTTO II last year and they seemed to stay pretty low on their THC levels. everything else would not have made the cut next year unless you harvested extremely early in flower.

what else is out there that has potential to meet the new requirements?


Interested in this as well, it looks like things will be especially difficult in Oregon after October

I am interested in the advice here as well. The link below shows some really good data from the 2019 season in Indiana.

2019 Indiana Hemp Season THC Test Results

@SoIL_Farms Any thoughts on this?


I started a thread with the same question in the botany section a couple of days ago, no replies yet.

That Indiana data is interesting. Thanks for sharing it. Just fyi, T1 amd Trump are the same variety. It lists very different test results for them. I also grew Cherry Blossom, which it shows as .2%, but should be more like .5 to .6, the variety is from colorado and meant to conform to a .6 guideline. It is possible that a lot of farmers don’t actually know the variety they are growing, because they were told incorrectly by the seed or plant seller.

The first thing I would avoid in picking out a 2021 strain are claims of a high cbd percentage. 8-10% is more reasonable for a strain that is almost always going to test at .1 to .2% thc.


That’s what i have been thinking. I am trying to convince a couple of the farmers i am working with to lower their expectations for cbd content and grow a safe, stable strain for next year. But every seed company out there is claiming 15%+ cbd content. I find it hard to believe 99% of those wont test hot.

That information from indiana is great. We need more data like that in this industry, especially when it comes to seeds and growing methods for farmers.

Hopefully someone more knowledgable can chime in with what they think will run well next year with the new regs

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That Indiana info may be valuable. I’m pretty sure the state police came out and took the samples. They took and tested tops, but test dates would really help in interpreting the data.

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from cornell. Larry Smart. Should be more completed by Feb 6. No idea if this has any value.


0.0% at 4 weeks and less than 0.3% Total THC at 8 weeks

where can i find more of this data? this is awesome!!

this is absolutely perfect, thank you so so so very much!!!

No problem, one thing to keep in mind is this data is not apples to apples. Testing was done early on some and late on others, but it is very valuable overall.

Additionally, one interesting thing shown at a recent meeting was the direct correlation between CBD percentage and total THC percentage. I wish I had the actual scatter plot to show just how linear it was. There was not a single state-performed test in Indiana that had CBD % higher than 12% that was also THC compliant.


Soil, container,or hydro?

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I think 40/50:1 cbd:thc is the highest its gonna go, to find anything higher ur probably looking at a one in a billion plant


coco :slight_smile:

Really going to suck for smokable hemp next year damn

maybe not though…

Otto II Stout has done well for us. CBD isn’t the highest, but all of our crops have been compliant!

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I have a group that has been focused on breeding only compliant seed. All of their cultivars are compliant at full term, though they take a hit on CBD around 10%, however they have amazing terpene content 3% and minor profiles. I just saw crude coming off with 74% total cannabinoids with ~10% minors and 6% CBC. Let me know if you are interested at all


What are the strains?

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How do we join your group?