Static Tek is now Automated - Solventless Clean Hash

Happy to announce that we have validated our technology and proved the core concepts of our IP. Our product is now ready for commercialization.

Using Tribo-Electrostatically charged kief, we are able to separate heads from stalks and other contaminants. Trichome heads, due to their chemistry, charge Negative while everything else doesn’t charge or charges positive. Using cold plasma, we are able to attract those charged particles to one side or opposite side of the device.

Static Sift by hand can generate about 2,000 volts as particles are polarized. Our tribo charge process increases particle charge to over 5,000 volts. Hand sift then uses a polarized surface to separate these particles. We use cold plasma up to 100,000 volts to strongly pull particles in opposite directions. This allows us to create a strong force to separate particles.

We overcome many issues where manual sift could not even charge a particle due to the balance of charge. Our device allows us to take a powdered feed of less than 30% heads and concentrate the heads to over 90%. This does however take several passes through the device, but since the material is fed automatically, its simply a mater of time to accomplish this. This means you may need to reprocess kief 3-6 times depending on starting quality to achieve high purity.

The technology is scalable but for now I designed my machine as simple as possible to keep costs down. The small unit can process about 2kg per hour and since you likely have to reprocess kief many times, could probably process 2kg of clean heads per shift.

We also overcome environmental issues with our device, since we create our own “atmosphere?” thus allowing us to work in more humid environments than normal. For those whom don’t know, static only works in cool, dry environments as water vapor discharges particles.

Lastly, the device is 90-230 volts, single phase, under 5 amps. The device is small and low power, fits in most labs. We don’t use anything to separate other than air and electricity. Trichomes are not affected or damaged in any way. There is no heat or other conditions to damage terps etc…

I can’t post pictures of the machine yet but if you want to see one in real life, stop by our booth at MJBIZCON. Here are pictures of the work done by @wolverinedabs

The top product is the feed. A low quality kief (<30%) that is impossible to statically charge by hand.
The green shit is of course plant matter (leaves or whatever), pistils, dirt, trichome stalks.
The red pan is the heads.
COA will be available soon but the pictures in my humble opinion are striking.

The first units are being built and are going to Ketama in Morocco and Tirah in Pakistan. Perhaps I just created something valuable that will help the industry, time will tell. I don’t claim to have invented the static sift process, I fully understand that and give credit where its due. However, I do claim I am the first to file for a patent using cold plasma to achieve this with trichomes on an automated device.


This is awesome.


Effin incredible!


This is very cool!! Gone are the hours of sitting in a cold room with a paintbrush and roller!

Are there any pics of rosin made from post processed input material?

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Nice! Do you have any zoomed images so we can see the heads?


First Pass Heads

First pass tails

Second Pass Heads

Second Pass Tails

Final Heads. 90%+ 6 passes, shit biomass, very first time we used the machine. Only gets better from here:


Can live bubble be fed in as starting material if I wanted to clean some up?


Great work, I’ve been waiting to see something like this.


Trichomes and electrickery for the win…


Yes it can.


…or a blessing. Are you running the final separation by freefall through an electric field?

Nice to see someone bringing this technology to market. Very impressive.


Yes through two fields.


This could be a serious game changer. The biggest hurdle that dry sift has always faced is that the process to get to 90% purity requires significant skill, time, and it’s difficult to scale.

You’ve basically eliminated that. Now you could make commercially viable dry sift that has the same purity of heads as it’s bubble equivalent.

No more black glove method. No more DVDs. No more secret methods.


100% agreed. It was always rumored that Skunkman Sam had an automated process that he was gonna bring to market (which I’ve been waiting on for like 15 years…) but he just never did I guess. Great work . I think dry sift is the best concentrate there is, especially because it showcases the quality of the flower better than any other. Super pumped to see this work and gain traction.


Time will tell but I am confident my method will deliver. Now I just need a good fabricator in Morocco. :joy:


Thanks for the kind words. Sam called me this morning as he read my post. Overall he was supportive and wants to test our device.

Does anyone have a plug at Spannabis? I want to take this thing to Spain and Sam in Amsterdam.


On another topic, @WolverineDabs did the validation of the device. The pics are his. He will be offering consulting to get people up and running fast. He’s talented so hit him up and support his work.

We will be at Mjbizcon showing the device and my dude will be at Legends showing the hash.

Lastly, this method is described in detail on our YouTube channel. Though we filed for a patent, I have no issues with home users making their own devices and shocking their friends. Literally :joy:. So I encourage those DIY to check it out. If you find out some cool shit, please share so we can all benefit.


Where are you located out of?

These results speak for themselves… excellent work!

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Miami, Florida

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