Static Tek is now Automated - Solventless Clean Hash

Good job :clap:


what about all the moroccan kids who will lose their jobs ?? nice work tho could be game changer :smiley:

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Out of curiosity, how much is the small machine?

$25k for about 2kg per hour throughput. Prices are on our website.

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And that 2kgs of starting material is lower grade / tumbler kief, correct?

Correct. The pictures I posted were the worst grade sift we could find. This product is impossible to charge by hand as is. We had no issue separating it. So the device works with any percentage of trichomes. I would guess you can fully grind flower and remove all trichomes.


That sounds like it would be worth testing. Room temp separation without solvent


This is something I’m sure many have discussed theoretically. Awesome work to pull it off in a product.


Watch the latest episode of Triboelectric Tuesdays where I discuss Cold Plasma based Tribostatic:


Like any new device, as the user becomes more familiar with it they find their mojo and dial in their method.

These pics are a batch recently run by @WolverineDabs and it took him about half hour to clean 250 grams.

Here are the heads on the first pass through the Plasma thingy:

Here are the tails, which was rejected from the first pass:

And here are pics of the finished product. Green is of course reject/tails and red is heads:


I saw this post on IG today which is that huge Cryosifter that Cryomass makes. This one is at @Guildextracts in Oakland. ANY Kief machine will pull contaminants. That is why Cold Plasma pairs great with this sort of device as it is selective in separating veg matter, stalks, etc… from heads.

Just FYI, we will be hosting demos with the device going to MJBIZCON. If you want to see the magic in person, Justin will have a machine in Barre, VT. Justin was our original R&D partner and was the one whom opened my eyes to static tech. Much love for Justin and his team and appreciate his hard work. Without him, this would not have been possible.


Great ad and constant keeping up on this post.

Any finished rosin shots or before and afters to follow along?
I’ve had a lot of sift in my life not press worth a damn (dry ice culprits usually), so I’d love to see some money shots of the finished dabbable products! :heart:

The guilded sift definitely looks great from the ig video. (as expected)

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incredible :clap: :clap:

I’ve seen the rosin @WolverineDabs makes and it looks fire. I don’t have any good shots of that but it’s definitely something we need to get. COA also is on the way.

The CryoMass looks awesome, but the kief is very green as expected. I’d like to see that stuff under a microscope, but we already know what that’s gonna look like.


Very cool, I wondered if this was possible, exciting to see it exists. I have a concern about the effects of plasma and static on the flavor profile. I notice in your picture you have a beige starting material and a green and darker brown tails and heads fraction respectively. The brown looks darker than I would have expected which piques my interest (that brown plus that green don’t make beige in my head). I always find I get a slightly singed smell on my hands when I touch a plasma globe where high voltages are involved. Is this something that effects the aroma of the hash coming out and if so, can it be mitigated by operating under an inert atmosphere?


Static does not affect flavor or chemistry so no worries. The lighting on these pics could be better. Focus on the macro.


Spotted this morning from Team Drysift on Fb

The rosin shot looks good. Gelato 33

Also from @Wolverinedabs


A detailed update is scheduled for Tuesday Nov 21 at 6pm Eastern time on YouTube so so please check out our content there for a full explainer. Feel free to ask questions.

November 28th at 6pm we are publishing a promo video of the device.

November 29th you can see the device at booth 2719 at MJBIZCON.

In the meantime here are the COA of a run we did with the Alpha version of the Plasmastatic device.

This is the Dry Sift Kief we fed into the Plasmastatic:
Feed-Dry Sift Burnt Oranges.pdf (261.4 KB)
From there we collect 2 fractions, heads and tails.
After one pass, this is what Heads look like:
Burnt Oranges Positive Charge.pdf (385.7 KB)
And this is what tails look like:
Burnt Oranges Negative Charge.pdf (388.5 KB)

After several passes we decided to manually clean this up from 90-95% heads to 99% heads. At this stage manual cleanup is easy.
Burnt Oranges Heads.pdf (388.1 KB)


Anyone working a unit ?
Are you content ?