Statement from Oregon CBD on 2020

My boss sent this to me, not sure on the source. I really appreciate their candidness.


Government doing what the government does best…fucking up a good thing.


Eventually there will be a lot more regulations passed in this industry. Many of the gigantic companies with distribution laid out in other industries (Coke, Philip Morris, etc) will use them to push the small guys out of the industry. We are getting calls from some of these large players who use our screw presses on other applications.


I bet the last year of two for Vincent has been pretty exciting. Have you guys been able to keep up with the added demand?


I don’t want to take away from the OP here. I was hired because of the massive increase in business. We are running roughly 22/7. Our biggest problem are people having us build presses then flaking after they are built. The small ones are easy to get rid of but larger 4k per hour presses are more difficult to find people scaled up to handle them. All is good though as very few presses ever come back to us.


There are in fact a few CBD oleaginous strains which stay below 0.3% total thc, even indoor, and some rarer, well adapted to outdoor, in which thc content first increase up to 0.3, and then decrease down below 0.2 when winter is comming.

But these are actually pretty rare for the momment.

Dealing with CBG strains, most I have analyzed so far are below 0.1% total thc


Sounds like a huge opening for imported crude. Can grow using local rules not worrying about biomass THC, extract then remediate below 0.3%. The now compliant crude can then be imported from Mexico or Columbia having a huge advantage over American farmers.


Maybe the answer will ultimately be a political one. Legalize marijuana nationally and eliminate the need to artificially separate the cannabis based on THC levels. Farmers and processors can then drive yield and remediate later or not based upon marketability.


I suppose legalizing everything will help CBD farmers who are having issues staying under 0.3 percent, but this would have the unintended consequences of wrecking the price point on the thc market. That day is coming soon enough with our coming corporate overlords no need to speed that process up



Figure out the enzyme and synthase to convert CBG to pure CBD (or even THC) among other minors.

I’ll give you a hint…yeast😎


This is the only real solution. This whole legal THC % is just absurd and 0.3% is completely arbitrary. Ive never seen an explanation for that number. Anyone else?


That price point is unimportant if it’s reserved for only a few. When all farmers can grow unimpeded then we will see a real market price. And it will be low but still better than peanuts IMHO.


Most ppl dont want GMO stuff though


Most people put GMO plants in their body every single day without a care in the world


Not yeast itself but what the enzymatic traits of yeast are capable of.

The definition of GMO is very broad and most people associate it with Monsanto (cause they are the source of the negativity and rightfully so), but GMOs in general are not a bad thing.

In the true definition of GMO, the CBG strains are GMO because some one genetically modified them and turned off the antagonist enzyme that converts CBG to THC and CBD through genetic modification.

Every new generation of mammals DNA make up is evolving which would also fall under the guise of a genetic mutation ie: genetic modification.


I’ve seen lots of hemp under 0.3% Total THC…

Are these guys really saying its impossible to grow hemp under 0.3% THC?

We have farmers all over the country using our CBD seed and none of them tested hot. It’s only 8-10% CBD, but its compliant. Which is worth a lot more than some 18% CBD flower that’s hot.
Then there are multiple CBG cuts out there that are compliant…

Easy? No.
But impossible? :joy:


The cbg strain isnt GMO

They didn’t modify its DNA at all

They selectively bred certain cbd strains that lacked the enzymatic pathway to make cbd

I use to think the cbg strain from Oregon cbd was gmo till I found out @seth is pushing to keep GMO out of the Oregon markets

By definition GMO is an organism that’s been modified with gene editing techniques


I agree, most people don’t want GMO products. But most people also have zero understanding of genetics as well as how the human body breaks down proteins, carbs, etc. into building blocks for new proteins, carbs, etc. The joy of a misinformed public. I’m all for GMO and testing the boundaries of what humans are capable of if you couldn’t tell :crazy_face:


Go watch the Netflix documentary unnatural selection

Its about CRISPR and gene editing

The problem I have with GMO is it can wreck our whole eco system

They have the ability now to introduce CRISPR to an organism, and have it transfer that CRISPR gene to any organism of the same kind it mates with, causing it to change the DNA in the mate.

The Mate then now has the CRISPR gene and can transfer it throughout the eco system

This could be ALL BAD


We as a species, have spent the last 20 years ignoring threats we wrote books and movies about for the previous 80 years. Google will build skynet.