Starting a legit mushroom company

So as mushrooms become decriminalized across America (Oakland, Santa Cruz, denver oregon) it’s only a matter of time before legalization and legal markets develope. It feels like they’re gonna skip the medical leaneancy stage and go strait for rec, giving the pharma Corp first crack at it. So how do u get ahead of the curve? Obviously branding jel caps for micro dosing and chocolate for rec is step one, but from there how do u distribute without goin to jail? Is it cool to do clubs out of no where like people did w cannabis? Feels way more illegal. A waiver would have to be signed by all customers but i still dont think that would help if some real shit went down. Who’s got a first hand look at the Canadian situation about to go public? I hear they’re evaluated at 50 mill!!


I microdose 3-5 days a week. Just started back recently. I whiz up my mush In a food processor, jar it, eat a pinch which is about .5g. I am less concerned with bullshit. More creative with new ideas and problem solving. I even have noticed I have become more compassionate. I believe in microdosinv whole heartedly. Tomorrow I’m gonna make some caps with a CBD/ mushy blend and see how it goes. Thinking to suspend them in coco butter. As for sellin them, I’m hoping to get on that at some point, but right now I’m happy just to be a test subject :).

Edit: I live in a decriminalized area


Evaluation literally means nothing. LOL. The reason why you don’t want to be a pioneer is because they return with arrows in their back.

I fuck with the funguys heavy. You don’t need to sell, just do r&d. This stuff is all about being meticulous and having a true turn key process.

Also Don’t use ethanol to extract :joy:


journal.pone.0211023.pdf (1.1 MB)


Open up shop in Jamaica. Start building a brand. There are a bunch of shroom retreats there already. Not illegal.

I was thinking a shroom retreat, and spore production facility. Exporting spores shouldn’t be a problem…and I assume medical shroom exports will be allowed at some point in the future.

Jamaica also will allow export of medical marijuana. Need a citizen to get the license, but it was only $2500 per acre. Thought about it few years ago, but I didn’t have the capital or investors.


Start growing them and research the science. Figure out what niche you want to be in, and go all in on learning your space. Pretty much same as cannabis IMO.

I think you’re being hella optimistic about it being legalized anytime soon, as the Feds don’t even want to protect Cannabis in legal states according to the proposed budget, but I’m just a guy in a state where medical Canna is still seen as the devil’s lettuce and where most shrooms are gathered in the fields after a nice rain :v:t2:

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The company wants to have a $50M valuation: Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Raising money to do some clinical trials in Canada would be interesting. Approval takes less time than the FDA’s trials, and when approved you can distribute throughout the EU.


Exactly. Will be tough to get a high valuation like that without anything proprietary. It is hard to justify pharma prices for a product that is so easy to grow, so where is your return?
The whole reason GW made epidiolex the formulation that it is was that it is patent protected and your competitors can’t use your safety data to knock off you product.

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They’ll have pharma prices because they’ll literally be pharma drugs. These are a subcategory of biotech stocks which all hinge on regulatory approvals, IP, etc.

Global PTSD market: ~$8B
Global addiction treatment market: ~$7B
Global anxiety & depression treatment market: ~$19B

Of course the proposed bills in Oregon, Colorado, & a few other places are more reminiscent of the early day cannabis MED caregiver laws, but now it seems all the money is going into the pharma side. Would be very interested to chat with anyone who’s getting into either side - as I’d assume most of us here are looking to be in the legalized drugs industry, not just the cannabis industry.


Honestly, I’m interested in making a living producing a product that has a net benefit to society and the environment. Hemp caught my eye because of not only the potential medical benefits, but also its role in soil remediation. A good part of the midwest is contaminated from mining and agriculture. I grew up next to a Super Fund site, something that was NOT ONCE discussed in K-12 at my school (located on the shore of the Super Fund lake, fml.). The potential to remove the heavy metal contamination from surrounding soils is something I’d like to really explore in the future. If shrooms can treat PTSD and depression, two subjects I wish I knew less about, then I’d definitely pursue legal cultivation when/if it becomes an option.


Mushrooms are really good for cleaning toxic environments and soil. I’ve been a knowledge whore for a few months now when if comes to fungi. Truly amazing organism!!


I won’t go near the psilocybin market just like how I wouldn’t try to sell THC products online. But if anyone wants to talk about the hundreds of other mushroom derived supplements then this is a market that I think has a lot of potential. I think of the non-psilocybin mushroom products (reishi, lions mane, etc) as the CBD/hemp to the cannabis industry. A lot of potential


Tinctures and mixtures are going to hit hard soon. Mushroom tinctures with Cannabinoids is something I see on the come up.


Oh for sure. I’ve got a friend who is really into this area. Mushrooms gaining the curiosity of mainstream everyday customer has a lot of potential

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We are already in the process of setting up a large mushroom growing facility for lions mane, cordyceps, reishi, and other legal medicinal mushrooms. In this way we will already have an infrastructure and company in place doing the process start to finish, so it will be easy to raise capital and apply for licensure when legalization time comes and quickly switch over. I think this is the best way to go about it.


100%. Growing up in the middle of paper mills, fracking sites, opioid addiction, and GMO farms laden with atrazine/etc are by far my biggest personal motivators.


I dont really mess with psychedelics, but isn’t it common to smoke weed with shrooms for a more “mellow” experience? Buddies in highschool swore by it.

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I hope you’ve got white label plans in order :sunglasses: I’m interested… most of the manufacturers that offer white label have cheap formulations


I’d like to get some shitakes, portabellos and more rare edibles going. I saw some at the fresh food store going for $25/lb.


This summer a friend and I are going to attempt to track down Laetiporus sulphureus for propagation. He’s had luck with other edible mushrooms, but apparently this one’s a bit of a bitch.

Edit: Apparently there’s now a process Successful large-scale production of fruiting bodies of Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull.: Fr.) Murrill on an artificial substrate - PMC