Stabilizing crc slabs

New with crc and having a bit of a problem getting my slabs to stabilize. I’m using a mix of t5 and silica at a rate of 50g t5 per lb of material and 25g of silica per lb of material.
Seems to be doing all right ( besides terps aren’t the most desirable) but besides that the slabs just don’t want to stay stable causing me to have to budder/crumble most of it. If anyone has any insight or some information they could throw my way it would be much appreciated.

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this is to be expected.
after removing the impurities, your THCA is crystalizing.
it’s only a bug if you can’t sell it as a feature…

were your terps any good going in?


Run cold or warm?
If cold try running a little warmer getting more fats in the mix


You need to dry the bio fully and make sure your solvent is dry too. Moisture is getting to the slab


Are you pouring from a platter or from a pour spout? How much tane is still in the pour?

All the above advice is legit. The fats provide the stability your looking for, so you may want to run a little warmer. However I haven’t found this necessary with CRC slabs.

When i pour shatter i leave a bit of tane in there to aid in the transfer from platter to parchment. In my mind, the least amount of disturbance to the pour the better. I pour in one shot, anything that gets a scraping tool touched to it goes on another parchment. It may not help, but it’s what I do.

If you read about neucleation outside of future4200, you’ll find the exact point of neucleation cannot be controlled, under any circumstance. So when I fuck with a butane rich mix with a tool that shit wants to foam up. As butane rapidly boils off the saturation level changes and could allow for neucleation to begin…or not. I’m uneducated and my understanding of what is going on could definitely be wrong. #traphouseshedtek


I don’t see any crystallizing / nucleation. Just that the slabs are tacky not wanting to be stable or shatter like. Before adding the media for crc was coming out stable, once added it instantly doesn’t want to stable up. And not that the terps were amazing, but everything is coming out with the same exact smell

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Running somewhat cold but nothing crazy. Was coming out stable before using crc blend and once I added they don’t want to stabilize

Everything should be dry as they were running stable before addIng the crc powders, haven’t changed anything besides adding the powders and all of a sudden they aren’t stable as I would like them. I Thank everyone for their reply’s

Are you drying your powders ?
Bentonites leave the factory containing water
Some are yust in bigbags catching moisture for months might be your isseu

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So what you are describing is a stable slab. You just dont like the consistency of it. You have snap and pull, and you want it to actually shatter like glass.

Your asking how to make shittier hash…

Stop running cold and get that fat boi!


How would you suggest I try to dry the powders? Bake oven? Or even vacuum oven under vac?


Under vac works well for me, but you must purge the water from your vac oven if the pumps not on and b80 dumps water, I imagine t5 would also

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I see these threads and they confuse me. Who buys/smokes shatter?

I will decarb it and eat it all day tho.


Yes I guess you could call it somewhat stable, as in if your really fast you can kind of pick it up. Other then that it sticks to gloves and makes a sappy mess. And like I said previously I am running exactly the same as I was before the powders and they were coming out much more stable. Not any colder or warmer. I do appreciate your help

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So, you’ve added a CRC, which in turn upped the THCa content of your slabs. So now what was an ok fat to THCa ratio is no longer acceptable for the same consistency. I dont see this as a problem myself. If it isnt ever separating out in any way or crystallizing at all, I’d say you’ve got a winner and the custies need to adapt.

I smoke this shit every day and like the consistency much more over shatter at the end user level. Easier to dab, and higher quality.


Bake oven is fine needs to be clean thou or you’ll get what looks like oxidation in your top layer wich you can scoop out if needed
Yust jar the powders hot 110C
And make sure the jar is heat resistant
For hot bento in a normal glass jar will make it colapse

Fair enough. I appreciate it no doubt

Apply lots of heat before you apply vac. Otherwise your oven will look like mine


Do you want to try a free sample of our CRX Media to compare to what you are currently using?

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Are you asking me?

If so, sure

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