Square compliance

Can someone share some info in getting Square setting as a payment processor / gateway for a CBD web store?

I was just told “Lab tests on every product is mandatory tested under your company name, and how your batch processing works.” is required from Square.

I am young, and trying to start my first LLC and web store, finding it all a bit overwhelming so far :wink:


I can hook you up with my guy.
It want be with square though, doubt you’ll be able to get square.

EDIT… I made that sound like a big secret, and it’s not. Lol

John Stevenson

828-505-4878 — Office

812-265-9700 — Cell

866-746-6081 — Fax


I’m not sure what’s unclear about that. Upload a COA (with your company’s legal name) on it for every product you carry. Most vendors just make the COA one of the alt photos on the product listing.

Don’t submit an application until your website is 100% ready-to-go. Take a look at some other hemp processors sites for reference. You can see what they use for payment processing if you just go to checkout.


Square has always been fairly good to me (other than dropping my account for a year) and easy to use. Would be happy to walk you through it on the phone if you’ll use my referral code (gets me free processing)


Merchant services?

Yes, a payment processor that supplies a merchant account. :+1:


Dude’s a legend. Nicest guy in the biz

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I would love the contact. I will DM you.

Credit card processing or is it one of the alt payment methods like eCheck?

CC processing. great guy, will talk your ear off telling you about the whole process, system, industry, etc. Wealth of knowledge.


He has multiple options. But he has full payment processing, for hemp.

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Thank you guys very much!

No problem my brother.
If my memory serves me correctly, payment processing was my first question to this community. :cowboy_hat_face:

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“Hemp” and Hemp? Or just Hemp?


seriously, take 20 minutes and call him. what he’s allowed to offer is dependent on things that are outside his control but even if he can’t carry you the information you’re gonna get dumped with is worth the call. he’s the kind of guy you have do an AMA here.

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Another good thing to remember is everybody gets kickdowns for referrals… so anyone sending you to their guy for payment processing is going to be making something off it at some point. Some even offer you a % of the accounts fees for the entirety of the account being used.

Hint hint please use this link

I get exactly, Jack shit for referring folks. Just FYI.


here here, just a solid guy that’s worth 15 minutes on the phone even if you don’t go with him. He does get paid by the processors that he can place ecomm companies with, which he is very upfront about. he’s honestly someone that would be good to have an AMA with in here

So, I have invited John to the forum. I spoke with him this morning over the phone and he is “happy to help guide folks in the right direction, even if its not with him”. His exact words. :+1:

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I have been offered percentages/discounts from multiple payment processors in exchange for referrals, seems like the norm. You may be missing out!

I do need processing for my second company’s site just launched awhile ago might need some help

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