Spray distillate onto flower

Freeze the distillate, or pour some distillate on flower, then freeze that. Grind it up into a powder. You can use a food processor to grind up the frozen distillate and flower. Sprinkle it over flower while mixing the frozen powder into the flower.

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I’m interested!

New here…I’m not trying to spray flower with distillate but am wanting to make a small distillate spray. I see some fighting over it being for flower but not a good way to setup a small spray for ancillaries. Wanting something that evaporates pretty cleanly if isopropyl isn’t good

Actual use case will likely change advice.

If you can’t share wtf you’re trying to achieve with your

Htf can anyone hope to help?

If you wanna use if as adhesive, maybe use a glue gun…Digital Hot Distillate Spray Gun - Solvent FREE $4500

Edit: nah seriously. Without sharing your goal, your only option is to read what others are doing and give it a go….

Why might isopropyl not be good?


So what other options avoid those? Pretty much everything that will evaporate quickly is gonna go boom if given the right conditions.

So what sort of engineering controls can you manage?

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I would like to know how ? Buy set up

But if instead you take the distillate, heat it and mix it with water to get like 1 part distillate and 3 parts water, Then I immerse the inflorescences in this solution, wait for them to absorb until saturated, and then I put them all in the Lyophiliser, so the Lyophiliser It can make all the water go away and dry the inflorescences.

Could this be a good procedure for you experts? Visually they shouldn’t have problems like the brown lumps or white dots that infused herbs usually have.

You serious?
I mean try it and report back but yeah
Your gona have to dry a whole lot of water quick your oil will NOT be evenly spread your gona encapsulate your flower with oil so drying is even slower
Nah bad idea I think

What do you recommend then? In Europe several Swiss and Czechs make infusions of distillates with cannabis, and there are no visible residues on the flowers.
Do you have any advice on how to do a good job? If you also want privately I would be very curious to know how they do it.

Use the search bar tired of explaining the tech damn your 5 years late to the party


Yes, it’s just that everyone has a different method, I would just like some advice on research then I’ll read everything there is to read, 450 messages are a bit long, I’ve read the first 150 , if you can help me I would speed up my search, since I intend to try it myself on my flowers.

Listen it s a trail and error game and consumer prefrance
Wich cannabinoid
What concentration ?
What volume daily
What flower quality
There are so many variabels
And important what budget for equipment


Hey bro @Roguelab is a professional and a damn good one at it, he’s not doing it as a hobby. I’m guessing if you pay for his time and knowledge he would be a lot more receptive (as most professionals would be).

Just my two cents worth, do it as you please.


In fact, you’re damn right. I hope to be able to have a consultation with him when he has some free time, he seems to me to be the most competent of all in this sector.