Spool filter question


Doing a build out on some stainless columns for some etoh extraction. Was going to do a 6-8" diameter column with some filters on the bottom.

Wanted to do a celite bed with a blend of adsorbents on it.

Can I create a celite bed over a paper 7microm filter? I saw some standard spool style perforated plates, would a paper filter be sufficient on that to create the bed?

Would it be considerably more cost effective buying a reducer off my tube and going to a 3" spool instead? I know Amazon has those. Or does anyone have a source for larger spool filter?


Yes that will work. I use 25micron filters for first pass filtration with beds of celite. I go down to 1.5 microns on my final pass. I’m not a fan of reducing the surface area of my filters but you can go down to 3” if you want.


reduce after the filter.
support the paper with something along these lines.

8" = $22 seems worth it to me.


Push with N2 so you can get most of the solvent off at a whim…


It doesn’t require spinning the biomass?


Depends on what your pocket book can handle in solvent loss? With no fuge and using N2 you will lose between 10 & 20% of your solvent. A fuge can help you get closer to 95% solvent return.

To get as much solvent out as possible do this 3 step process.

  1. Hit your column with N2 to purge ass much of the solvent as possible.
  2. Remove column, take off the bottom filter plate, and use an adaptor on the top cap to push compressed air or N2 to easily push your biomass from the tube into filter bags.
  3. Proceed with the filter bags to your spiny thingy and hit start!


I’ve got a fuge, just curious as to the benefit of using the nitrogen as well as the fuge? Does it increase the solvent recovery compared to fuge on it’s own?


I use N2 in conjunction with my fuge because it reduced the amount of dripping as I move my filter socks to the fuge. Not necessary by any means. The best way to figure out if you will want to use N2 in this way is to try with and without to see if the difference is sufficient enough to warrant its use.


…and as @Roguelab so helpfully pointed out, keeping the cannabinoid laden solvent off the floor makes for more mobile minions.