Splatter/Shattered Platter Purpose?

Are they a good upgrade? Would you recommend? Would you use open source steel? Do they actually make it less if a hassle to harvest?

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what size are you looking for? I personally dont need them on my small extractor where on my large extractor…the base is like 50 or so lbs, and is almost a necessity.

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Well the whole thing is I don’t have a rack so I have to lift about 40lbs. one 2×18 column a sight glass and shutoff then that’s attached to a 2×18 dewaxing column (w/outer dry ice sleeve) then another shutoff and sight glass. I’m using a modified mk3 lid from emerald gold and a 6×6 handled base from emerald gold.

I might have an extra new 6” one here. Lol. :thinking::shushing_face:

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what type of platter specifically?
The plain jane platter makes harvesting easier than a traditional spool.
Jacketed platters are really nice for heat transfer.
Jacketed platters with a bottom drain is probably the nicest upgrade you can do.


Just a regular one.

It’s better than putting your arm into a pot to scrape it out.

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There really is only a 4" difference in a 6x2 splatter platter and a 6x6 extractor base…its not exactly like your sticking your arm in there…LOL

with a 12x12 spool it is!


oh i know…My 10" extractor has a 2" platter and 12" spool. 14" im using a splatter platter, but really this isnt needed for a 6x6 extractor. My small 6x6 tester extractor doesnt have a platter and i have one here i can just slap on.


what am I seeing exactally here?


Someone that needs to rethink his extractor design! Those single hidged clamps are known to leak on the hinge side.

The long sight glasses aren’t the strongest sight glass available and I can’t really figure out the spool reasoning. But it does look like my hodgepodge extractor a bit. But much smaller.




And I’m not picking on you @GroovyOctopusLabs but there are few safety concerns with the way your set up

You should get rid of them brass fittings too.


i know about the clamps and the brass fittings i mean to upgrade all the clamps and purchase a hemispherical lid at some point as for now it works for what it is it’s only used once a month anyways.

the 2x18’s are because i only extract a qp once a month for personal use. this is also a hobby of mine.

But your safety is at risk the way your set up. I see you have valves under your spools. Not only that. EACH spool has a sight glass and sometimes 2. Well those are going to be your weak spot especially if you close the valves with solvent in the spool. This puts pressure directly on those sight glasses.

Your second spool. The dewaxing spool is not big enough for the full amount of solvent your pushing threw your extractor. These are serious safety concerns.

I do this as a hobby too. I just want our members to be safe at their hobbies. I only run my extractor 1 a month. Sometimes less.


:heart: Thank You very much. I will address the safety issues. In fact that’s my number 1 goal is to ALWAYS BE SAFE. Which is why I switched from a closed Columbia to closed loop. I plan on racing mounted everything and switching a lot up. Especially now that I know about the placements of everything and that those are safety concerns that o was unaware of. Than You and everyone who is replying all the feedback is seriously appreciated.


Effin autocorrect closed column*