SPD with no cow

Hey everyone,

I’ve been researching on the website and looking at different models of SPD. The standard SPD with 3 receiving flasks and a cow is what I’m used to seeing, but I also see models where there isn’t 3 receiving flasks and only one…with no cow.

Can someone please explain how these SPD kits work? How do people that use this collect their different fractions with only one flask? Is it mandatory to use hot condenser tek with these types of SPD? Or do they do multiple passes until they get the fraction that they want?

Thanks so much for everyone’s time and have a nice day.

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Distill through terp fractions and a bit into your distillate, stop vacuums, change flask, distill oil.


Hey man, let’s talk distillation. I’ll shoot you a dm.

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Swing arm! You basically let everything flow into the cold trap until your mains pop, swing the collection flask down, then either stop collecting or swing back up for the tails to collect in the cold trap.


Add a swing arm with another flask before the mono cow. Once you’re on mains, rotate it down to collect. Once tails arrive rotate mains flask back up so tails can go with heads.

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Or close isolation valve and swap flasks between heads, mains, and tails.


Folks keep making very valid arguments against isolation valves, but I’m such a control freak that the idea of having so many options for where to make cuts still makes me want to upgrade my triple cow to that rather than a swing arm…

I run one, dont really use it. I send heads and tails to the flask on the isolation valve. Mains on a swing arm. I used to swap flasks at the isolation valve, but… fuck that :grin:


Best of both worlds?!? Sheeiiittt. I’d likely do the same. Even if I never use the thing, just having the option during a run is worth the extra $400 for my neurotic ass.

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There are better ways of doing this, but when I’ve used this equipment set I’ve used the triple cow for solvent, terpenes, and heads and the mono-cow for deep-heads and main fraction.terp-cans-spd

I’ll give you my valve I ducking hate that bullshit thing


why do you hate the valve?

A lot leak


It seems like this would kill a lot of time, since you have to shut everything off and swap flasks and run everything again…get your mantle up to temp again…rather inefficient dont ya think?

I think triple cow is more convenient in a way where you can seperate your heads and tails for a second pass? Having all your junk mixed into your cold trap will waste more time trying to run a second pass on them?

Yes. Breaking down period is inefficient. I run wiped film systems and have a backup SPD incase I need to do special projects. I usually use my wiper to strip and then run my gold. I’m not saying I do this, I’m saying it is a way to use an “utterless cow”.

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Most folks just save up their cold trap fractions and re-run them later. But I get what you’re saying, re-running just your tails is way easier than re-running everything with the volatiles in it. Which is why I prefer the idea of an isolation valve, but sounds like the damn things like to leak.

Triple cows are great in theory, but they allow the crap off gassing from the undesirable cuts to contaminate the mains during the run.


I always swap out my mains flask for a clean one as it get head condensation no matter what angle I have it. My new pump may solve this issue, much better vac.

I’ve had a guy at my favorite glass place tell me the isolation valve ones leak often. So I didn’t go that route.

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I have a few and they all hold 1micron with no flask on the bottom. I love them


Knockoff or legit?