SPD - Last few steps before finish line - help!

SPD - Last few steps before finish line! - Help

Im in the last coarse of finishing my SPD setup, its gotten way substantial then first thought, Got hooked on the subject - Basic setup went out the window. - Thanks to getting me this far F4200!

Getting the last stuff in order as precise and efficient as possible is at this point really needed. i’ve been at it for months and emptied both me and brothers bank account over and over.

Things i need help to get sorted that im going a bit in circles about!

FILTRATION - I wont have the need for filtering more than 1litre of raw crude diluted in 1:10 Ethanol, so targeting a setup in correct size for filtering 10litres of diluted crude.
reed a lot of diffrent ways, a bit overwhelmed. Properly a standard Buchner setup is the way to go for me, that far i have realized.

  • Should i go for a 1litre or 2 liter Glass Buchner for my need?
  • Fine or coarse fritted disk?? Or both?
  • Correct Filter papers, in correct mircon sizes and flow rates
  • Do i need a Sep funnel?
  • Correct Filter bags for Panda Spinner.
    I already have 2 kgs of most kinds of medias. ( see parts/missing parts next post) - See any that im missing there?

I have this shitty gauge from the chinese setup, i would like to have better. Where to look for a decent one?


  • Need tubing for my Heater to Distilling Condenser, but i have hard time understanding measurements
    What size Viton tubing would i need for the barbs on a setup from David, Hot condensing.


  • 2L Heating Mantle

  • 2L Wide bore Glassware + extra 500ml Boiling flask.

  • 2x Cold traps

  • 1x Edward e2m28 pump

  • 1x 11.3 CFM 2 stage rotary vane pump - WTVP-10Pro

  • 1 x Julabo FP40MV Heating/chiller

  • 1x Summit SVG-1 Handheld Gauge

  • 1x 7Litres Chiller only - WTHC-2006

  • 1x Hot Air gun

  • Julabo HS Thermal fluid 10 litres

  • 16Litres of Edward Ultragrade 20

  • Apiezon 501 Grease

  • 9x PTFE Sleeves

  • 3 meters of Fire rope

  • Spin bar, Rare Earth Octagon 1x3/8

  • Ball Valve

  • KF25 T

  • KF25 Cross

  • KF-25 Bellows Hose Vacuum flexible - 750mm/1000mm

  • Clamps and Vito rings + PTFE 24/40 to KF25 Flange Adapter

  • Carbon Chemistry Celite® 545 Diatomaceous Earth - 2K

  • Carbon Chemistry Activated Bleaching Clay T-41 - 2K

  • Carbon Chemistry Activated Bentonite Clay T-5 3KG

  • Carbon Chemistry MagSil PR 1KG

  • Carbon Chemistry Activated Alumina 2KG

  • Carbon Chemistry Molecular Sieve 2KG

  • Carbon Chemistry Silica Gel 60 60A 200-400 Mesh - 2KG

  • Carbon Chemistry Activated Hardwood Carbon - 2KG

  • 1x 2.5L Filtration Flask

  • 1x Cheap Digital Thermometer - TES-1310

  • 1x cheap china vacuum gauge - ZJ-52M sensor with 3/8 port.

  • 1x Cheap china Automatic vacuum regulator ( dont know what it does ) - VC-4000

  • 3/8 Food grade silicone vacuum tubing, length 6.6ft

  • 3/8 White rubber hose, length 6.6ft.

  • Ethanol 96.6% molasses free

  • Kungfuvapes 170stk diamond / 50stk quasar.


  1. diaphragm pump Wlech 2025 - Also found a Welch 2032 for 300$, should i purchase?

  2. Panda Spinner 2 units

  3. Viton tubing.

  4. Hot plate

  5. Rotovape 5L - properly from Lanphan

  6. Buchner funnel + 2x 5 liter Buchner Flasks/receiving flasks.

  7. sep funnel

  8. pump flushing fluid - ( read i can just use a cheap Pump fluid)

  9. Bubble bags ( 5 Gal should fit into panda)

  10. Filter bags for panda

  11. Filtration papers for Buchner

  12. n-heptan

  13. Vacuum Oven

  14. Spin bar, an extra maybe?

  15. Temp pistol that goes -50 - -60degress

  16. pricision scale

  17. Overhead Stirrer.

  18. Limonene

  19. Terpenes for carts

Before reading any really i jumped on a shitty chinese 3300$ complete kit that i have now changed out completely, now i learned to study more before purchasing ehe, i do not have money for 100$ mistake, not alone in the thousands,

@Demontrich How did your Welch 2522 perform on your new 5L buchner/10L flask?

Is it safe to purchase one 2000ml buchner and 5000ml flask with the Welch 2522?? ive read so much but have a hard time deciphering it all. Would it be a fitting size buchner when never filtering more than 10 litres of 1:10 diluted crude.

Do i need coarse or fine frit?

@Roguelab What filter bags would you recommend me buying for the panda? Size 4 on the chart? how did you secure the 4" tube inside the Panda. - Or @Rowan does your wifey still sow these together in correct size?

I’ve ran 3x 600ml buchner funnels/2000ml flasks with 1x welch diaphram w/o issues. With 1x 3000ml buchner/10000ml flask, its even faster filtering.

As far as the rotovap, no issues either. I’m changing up chillers this next recovery. But in the past, always did the proper job.

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okay great thanks! i will order a 2000mL funnel - Have you been happy with a Jointed buchner setup, i see many likes the rubber bongs better… just not easy finding a glass buchner that doesnt have a vacuum barb - will hit up deschem if he didnt ban me from buying haha, got a bit heated last time.

is it a coarse fritted disk?

I was close to buying a 25(32) model used for 300$, but i luckily remembered not to buy 110volt since we have 220-230 here - so im forced to buy a 2522 at BVV on sale for 520$

I have chiller that goes to -20 is that cold enough for 5L roto? if not i have no use for that chiller at all :frowning: , maybe condensing with liebig after receving flask on spd

I also have one that goes to -40, but i dont want to change fluids from hot to cold.

What you say @Roguelab Would i even “need” a Rotovap for my limited use of evaporating ethanol?? If not, Properly rather save that towards your donation if you come visit :smiley: :smiley:

-20 is a good temp for a roto
You will only use it at that setting when pulling a vacuum evaporation of solvent at low boiling temp ( heat bath max at 40C ) biggest concern is the wattage of this chiller heat in heat out
Any model brand etc info ?


O by the way keep the roto
It s realy a usefull machine

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7L chiller for roto
Power(W):1100 watts
Weight:65 Lbs

Voltage 110V 60Hz Single Phase
Certification:CE, UL
Temperature range:
-20 °C to 100 °C
Compressor:made in Germany
Refrigerant:R404A (190g)
Circulating pump:20 liters per minute, adjustable
Controller:PID controller with LCD 7" TFT touch screen
Working condition:-15°C ~ 25°C
Inlet port:3/8" hose barb
Chamber Dimensions (LxWxH):8 x 10 x 5.5"
Dimensions (LxWxH):12 x 15.5 x 26"

Its expensive piece of equipment the rotovape, will buy the same as Demontrich RE-501 roto , i will definitely get one as soon as i can, but i rather get going and you teach me the ropes if i dont “need” it right away to make the best clear i can

Money is getting real tight, possible cant use your service before october if i dont work hard and make some $ . BUt as you can see im not missing much for complete setup

When we get back from burning man she will be getting some made yes

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would be down for a Set or two, have a good festival

Need schooling in Buchners, Is the only Diffrence on a Fritted Vs non Fritted buchner you dont need filter papers, but can be a bitch to clean?

How about flow or clogging? What is mostly used so to say?

@Roguelab Apperently there is also Europe dealer of Panda, Electro-line in poland and Oneconecpt in germany, they are cheap in poland but cant seem to find shiiping outside.

Oneconcept in germany should have them soon, supplier say they send container out in july. i saw a post you wanted 24 pandas, but cant remember how old the post was he he

ending up buying 2 pandas for 65$ each 300$ shipping from supplier

Do people use the Timer that can be bought with aswell?

Haha BVV is so expensive!!! Just found the Welch 2522 pump in europe for only 430 euros, and the 2532 for 483euros brand new. - @Demontrich should i go for the 25(32) for only 60$ more? or would the small diffrent doesnt matter from the size up? or possble a 2nd backup pump would be better to save that 60$ for?

Mo biga mo beta :grin:

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Go for a porcelain 2L buchner, they are much more durable than glass. I got mine on Amazon and it came with the correct 5L flask and cork.

You want coarse frit and #4 Qualitative Watman paper disks. This buchner is 200mm so it takes 185mm filter paper. Order the filter papers carefully, they are expensive and it is really easy to buy the wrong size.

PS: The link says 150mm but they sent me a 200 for some (good) reason.

I never use paper filter pads with my fritted buchner. I posted a trick to cleaning them after use. I do use celite 545 on top of the frit.

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Just put an order in for re-501 rotovap, will order one of following days, also a 2522 Welch pump, and my two pandas is soon on the way.

Only missing the small stuff now!! yay :smiley:

How long would a Freezer like this work before dying off? cheap price. I only seen Alcohol avenger use these -150 freezers (not this model ofc)

Maybe a -86 is good enough? one of my next big purchases on the list. This is also a great price and with cascade engine, with no Custom charge since its in europe

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My 500.00 lowes 20.9cu’ freezer does a nice job. And holds 30 gallons plus biomass.