Source for Whipping Utensils

I am on the hunt for durable and comfortable utensils for whipping crumble. After a year of working with standard lab spatulas we’ve had enough. Does anyone know of any sources with good tools?

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I can vouch for the quality of @TwistedStill tools.

Very satisfying to use.

Thanks again!


I can make you a tool out of .1875 or .250 diameter 304 stainless, to your desired length. I cold work them by hand with a hammer and a piece of rail road track…then polish.

I have a few at home ready to go out to someone…I’ll get some pictures of them. There are a few random pics around here of others. A few members can vouch for them and their durability.


Only dab tool I can stick into jar high thc hard disty and pull some out without bending it. Or heating it

Incredible hulk dab tools

Thanks to @Xersist


This is what I have on hand that I made over the weekend for another member.




If the other doesn’t member buy them I will…


I’ll let you know when I squish a few more.


if that was not what you had in mind, perhaps show us what you’ve tried, and explain what you like vs what you don’t like about it.

the all knowing one gives a variety of responses to when asked to “show me a lab spatula” :wink:

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Toughest tools out there. I’m just not use to being able to pull disty from room temp jar. Probably colder than room temp,I keep my place freezing. So the disty is hard stuf will stab right into it and twirl some out if using for something other than vapes. It’ll keep its color better w no heat

These would definitely work. My only concern is the comfort. If you could add some sort of solvent resistant grip to the end I’d buy ten.


I could have them plated with industrial diamonds for an abrasive grip…but that would be a little overkill.

Adding a grippy feature would increase the cost…but I’m always up for a challenge.

I’ve got an idea…I’ll be back later

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They as smooth as baby ass to me

Make something to slip over back so it can be pushed into a layer of diamonds and doesn’t hurt


I got you homie.

You have both given me an idea. I’m going to have to see if I can slip some R&D into my day on the down low.

@THChemist I assume your having to whip for a significant amount of time, and comfort of the hand is your goal?


Can you make the tip of it a whisk? Lol

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yes, that’s correct. It doesn’t necessarily need to be ergonomic or anything, just a larger handle. We’re on a pretty large scale and have to whip multiple batches of crumble a day. Those lab spatulas and small rods tend wear your hands down after a while.

Something like this grip might be nice. I’m open to other ideas/materials as long as they’re compatible with organic solvents.

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have you considered replacing your tool wielding skills with a machine?

seems a DAC would work (



SpeedMixer whips up some of the top winning badder/budder/crumble concentrates in a few of the big competitions. 20200406_120953|281x499

And Cyclopath we have set ups that use that same robot arm to load a SpeedMixer!

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