solvents in southern oregon

I recently picked up a side gig as a sales rep for a major solvent supplier that is setting a distribution hub up in southern Oregon. Any hydrocarbon or mix you may need with the option of a standard or 3-phase decontaminated cylinders. Ethanol, 710 solution, isopropyl alcohol, d-limonene, acetone, heptane, hexane, methanol, filter media and dilutents.

DM for more info and pricing. We will have product on hand in Medford before July first.


What kinda prices for 120# n-tane tank

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Dm sent

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Dm me a price for 200 proof food grade only ethanol.



Do you have an email i can send a full price list to? We carry much more than just ethanol and hydrocarbons you may be interested in.


send me an email please

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Looking for 200 proof Ethanol.

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Never got it

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Curious about pricing, do you have a website or insta?
What is the other stuff you’re going to have?
Bhogart in gp is taxed but there’s a lot of places that have solvent and triclamp fittings and chillers and shit.
Just wondering

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Shoot me an email at and I’ll get you a price list.

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We have a full line of solvents and filter media. Still working out a physical location in the area but can ship anything. Email me at and I can get you more info.

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I may have typed your email in wrong. Send me an email and I’ll get it right to you

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All hydrocarbons. Ethanol… any other solvent you can think of. If we dont have it we’ll find it


Dm sent

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Did you get good pricing on the 200 proof ethanol. Do you have an ongoing requirement for the solvent?

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​Good Afternoon,

I was writing to let you that I am selling solvent at a really competitive price. I can offer you 200 proof USP ethanol with a reduced federal excise tax of $5.40 per gallon which would significantly reduce your over head cost for extraction. We also offer a full line of solvents and bulk pricing. If you are interested please feel free to contact me for an inquiry or quote. 

I need to know a couple things for me to be able to get a quote to you.

  1. business name and contact person

  2. Email address

  3. Phone #

  4. Shipping Address

  5. Kind and Volume of solvent (either 55 gal drum or 270 gal tote)

  6. Lift gate service required

*NO shipping mark-up – we price shipping at our contract reduced pricing


(1) 55 gal drum $1,200 including excise tax plus shipping (1-3 days)

(1) 270 gal tote $4,500 including excise tax plus shipping (5-7 days)

(4) 55 gallons $3,623 including excise tax plus shipping (1-3 days)


Purity and Cylinder Filling

We guarantee at least 99.5% purity, but have tested periodically, as we do, and had up to 99.97% purity on the following products.
Butane / Isobutane / 70/30I / 70/30N / 40/40/20 / Propane

These are all odorless and of top quality. Keep in mind and this is VERY important…

*We fill to cylinder max. Most other suppliers fill to 100lbs. The only product that is 100 max is
propane. All other products are between 109 and 121. For this reason, over a year or so with us, a user gets 100’s of pounds more gas with us as their supplier.

(1)​ 100# Tanks first time purchase $699

(1) 100# Refills with tank exchange is $549



Our customer service is our first priority !! Give us an opportunity show the difference.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. We are located in Northern California and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards


SDS 200 PROOF ETHANOL.pdf (135.1 KB) UC Ethanol 200 spec - Actual copy.pdf (117.3 KB)


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@Vick @GasGuy-QEG @Demontrich @Sirsmokesalot @Apothecary36 @_joe @Concentrated_humbold @JohnnyWalker @Rowan

We are doing a HUGE sale for the month of July at our Grants Pass location.

Fresh Dry Ice (12 hours from production) 500# x $.040 pp

120# Butane w/ 3 Phase Decontamination before EVERY refill $500

55 Gallon Drum 710 Solution (CDA12A) $500

Refer a friend that buys any one of the above and get a FREE one or $300 / $300 / $125 cash.

Check out the promo video…

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This is solid pricing folks. @SolventDirect do you do deliveries ?

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