Solventless CBGa Processing Pandemic Special

I am currently running a special on solventless CBGa bubble hash processing for bulk orders.

For $16,000, I will acquire 100lbs of CBGa flower and process it for you into very potent 45u-159u full spectrum bubble hash at a discounted rate and provide a potency test from New Bloom Labs.

Expected yield is between 10% and 16%, approximately 4KG to 7KG. The client is entitled to the entirety of the yield. My potency numbers are some of the best in the country among solventless products.

CBG plants do not produce many discernable terpenes at all. While CBGa hash is fully smokeable, my preference is to use it in finished goods as something to ingest or a topical product. It can be used to “infuse” pre rolls by mixing it into the flower before rolling.

I separate and sieve the trichomes from hemp flower using freezing cold water and I dry them with a freeze dryer. It is 3x sieved at minimum.

Payment is required in advance, and is payable through Square using a debit or credit card.

Expected turnaround time is approximately one month, unless a waiting list forms. In that circumstance you will be notified of your position in line.


I was following you until that last picture… Wtf is that picture about? Some kind of magnetic-ligand extraction magic? Essplain por favor


How’d this guy… not get flagged?

I’m not going to, but definitely looks to be a good candidate… for a few

Payment in advance…1 months lead time… waiting list… what?


If its all legal couldn’t a contract be drawn up?


Sure it could… but that’s not what is being offered here…

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I guess we will wait for @moveweight to verify… this guys pandemic Special…lol

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Yeah no hemp slanger tag and it’s been up for a day. I think people are to distracted by the rest of the forum.


I queried @Future about it cause it’s mighty damn close.

He said he’d hit @AcpCo up about slanger verification


Makes it pretry close to a toll offer.

Which doesn’t quite fit into our “slanging hemp”. Maybe.

We can discuss that somewhere other than the “sales” thread. (Or not, I’m no body’s damn mother.)

Anyone willing to get into this “toll” is on their own.

And nobody should do it without a contract even if they’ve known @AcpCo for years (imo).



That read as making medical claims to me.

But was more likely a fat fingered upload.

Paper has likely been posted here. and someone may recognize it. You could also ask the all knowing one wtf that image came from

If you post it to a topic, link it here, and poke at me I’d be more than happy to walk you through it.


Just a chart from that thing. Not my graph or data, mainly to make the south park joke stick

Hey, thanks for your concerns. Contracts are appreciated on my end. I thought this was a thorough post for the most part, but I suppose I made an assumption. It is a toll offer that is dependant upon a bulk material order of a certain size (100lbs at once.)

  1. Payment in advance is to secure the material and my payment, so that I actually get paid.
  2. 1 month lead time is because I can wash 5lbs per day right now.
  3. There’s no waiting list yet, but if I get two orders from this I’ll have to do one first, and I’m being transparent about that.
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@cyclopath this is where that image came from


I don’t have a slanger tag at this point because I generally don’t keep inventory. There was a time I was trying to do my own retail thing from splits but I just ended up losing money on it, so I don’t advertise that so much. If I do splits again it will probably be for bulk bubble hash and I’ll hit up future and begin that verification process if need be.

There’s been several instances in the last year of me not getting paid doing COD work, so now I have had a policy change to payment in advance. That’s largely what is suggested here on this forum.

I generally toll for $120/lb of material processed. If someone takes me up on this for 100lbs or more and has paid, I’ll do it for $100/lb.


I don’t think offering a service is Hemp Slanging.

He wants to be someone’s solventless processor and he’s offering his terms and an example of what he can do in a months time.

Once you sell a hemp product here directly, you need to have one was my understanding.


:joy::rofl::joy: bro nobody’s going to pay you that for this service :man_facepalming: I wouldn’t pay you that even of you could do it all in one day :man_shrugging:


That’s pretty wack

So is your post :man_shrugging: all it takes is less then 30 seconds doing the math to see your offer is very poor

I can by isolate right now cheaper than what it would cost to have you make it


I don’t really see how. CBG smalls are going for $100+/lb right now for lesser amounts, and I already get paid $120/lb for processing.

Standard yields for this type of material are 10% for 11%-12% TAC machine trimmed flower, but sometimes it’s higher. This particular material has the potential to give more according to its COA, but I like to be conservative with my estimates so I lean towards the standard yield for the most likely outcome, and prefer to be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to be more. Shipping for me to get the material is a bit over $500.

So what you end up with is potentially $4k/KG of CBGa full spec 45u-159u, to possibly $2354.67 or so per KG if there’s bonus hash above 10%.

It’s a deal, or it’s an even better deal.

I don’t make isolate. If that’s what you want, that’s what you should get.

Ummmm No its not…
it will take you a month lead time and a hefty investment which means I can’t sell it untill your done and Ill have 16k invested for over a month in a market that is ready to buy now not next month so why do that if I can just buy isolate for 1800-2k a kilo turn right around sell it and call it a day? And finally wanting 500 bucks a day towater wash hash is the funniest most idiotic thing i’ve ever seen :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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