Solvent tank to tank transfer


I have a 100 lb recovery tank I put it under a vacuum and it only reclaim Bout 10lbs in the tank my question is how do I put the other 90lbs I tried using hotbwater and dry ice but the freon moves slower then a snail I have a g5twin and a refrigerant scale along with gauges what is a step by step way to move the solvent I tried Google it and all I come up with is extremely dangerous any and all info helps thanks fam…

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R134a as a solvent

what are your pressures at?
make the destination cold (dry ice)
burp off any air you’ve pumped into your tank after it is below 0.

a picture of your rig is very valuable if you want a real answer


I have a 100 lbs recovery tank and I have #4 25lbs solvent tanks I want to fill the recovery tank with I’m running the 70/30 mix. @downtheterphole

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Did you say “freon”?


I’m in a non legal county I forget to covert my talk lol @BG305

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: ok, so you need to have your tank that you want to move your freon into colder than the tank with the freon.


That means completely in dry ice except the valves. Let it get cold then open your valves and it will start to flow. If you heat those 25 # tanks with some hot water is will move faster.

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I was doing that but it was moving at the speed of snail can I use the g5twin yellow freon pump to move it faster and what is a safe operating psi @BG305

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No, post a picture of your pump.



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So your trying to move freon from these to a 120 # tank? I would go 1 at a time not all “T’ed” together like you have them. The 120 is in DI?


Yes but it takes forever so my question is can I use the pump to move the liquid from the small tanks to the big tank? @BG305


Would it be wrong to point out the pump isn’t plugged in? :rofl:

But seriously: we’re trying to figure out what your plumbing is up to, and pictures from last week (or whenever that was) that don’t show how things are currently hooked up will tend to confuse the issue…

Edit: crap! Missed again. “Can I use my pump…”.

My bad…


It looks like the white tank doesnt have a dip tube so you will have to invert that tank to get it to dump liquid. (I dont see a purge port or an extra valve) You could probably have it like that for a week and not get anywhere

The yellow tank has a dip tube attached to the blue side.


If you invert the little tank and raise it up above the big tank the solvent should drain from gravity pretty quickly. Theres really no need for the pump at all for what youre trying to do. If it wont flow then submerge the big tank in dry ice and/or submerge the little tank in warm water and it should flow. Those little tanks shouldnt take very long to empty.

Ps that appion g3 is no good. We stopped using those in 2014 or '15. It is unsafe to run a CLS with and it can contaminate your extract with metal shavings. Youre better off using nitrogen assist.


Is there a link that can point me in a direction on how to use/set up a nitrogen assist??? @drake


Try the search bar. I typed nitrogen assist this the first thing to come up

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