Sogevac sv65 bfi

Hi guys I’m new to this Forum and also fairly new to Distillation ,I’m setting up my short path and came across a sogevac for sale literally cheap .I was wondering if this would be good to use on my 2L Spd …I plan to use a vfd on it as well so it’s not going full bore .Seeing as it is a single stage Vac pump …do I still need to get a two stage vac pump for accomplishing my end goal ?

You will want to use this pump while you are boiling off the lower boiling compounds, but you will want a two stage precision pump for when you reach the cannabinoids. An alcatel 2021i or edwards RV12 or higher should get the job done. You can find used working 2021i’s on ebay for ~$350. You will want to plumb these two pumps together so you dont have to break vac when switching between pumps. I dont see any reason that you would need to throttle the CFM (besides the start when the crude can muffin) I would just let er rip.

Hey thanks for replying to the post …I prematurely purchased the pump becaus of it’s high cfm thinking it could do the job all the way through thank goodness it was cheap and used …but still more expensive than the pump you’ve suggested to me lol …A lesson learnt I suppose .

What’s the biggest cfm rating I need for the 2L spd ,about 16 cfm at 8 cfm per liter .

That pump is awesome its just not gonna fo deep enough for a proper distillation. Exactly what was said above use rhat as your roughing pump and let it get soaked with terps, there tanks mine even when its soaked pulls 200 micron and 100 easy with fresh oil.

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…so at 14 cfm this will suffice in conjunction with the sogevac ?..Sorry for being a royal pain.I just not rather burn a whole in my pocket to start up
…in my eyes that was a 1000 dollars wasted .

For a 2 liter system, the 14cfm will suffice. That particular one looks a little older, Ive had good luck with ones like these:

Sogevac is best for moving cfm. Two stage pumps are better for dry vacuum ranges. And higher vacuum depth.

The current standard in the industry is having a wet pump and a dry pump. Don’t worry it’s awesome to have. You will extend your dry pumps life by five fold.

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These are okay, they tend to beat the insides up alot more than the newer pumps. If you can sear for the 2021 series or Edwards e2m28/30. The 2021 is good for 2l SPD and can suffice on a 5l but struggle. It will beat itself up faster than a Edwards. The Edwards will be the least internally destructive when contaminated so that’s why they are so popular.

Much appreciated Boss !I mean you guys are helping a total stranger with advice…the world ain’t that bad after all.

I’m really just starting out so budget is a factor ,I originally wanted an Edward’s but they were so expensive, this sogevac came to me by accident …I thought I could at least get one fraction done to pay for the actual vac I wanted …seems like it’s back to saving for a bit .But that’s fine I’ll keep learning more before I go out and procure equipment lol …lesson well learnt .

Do you know what micron the sogevac will pull down too? It might be able to get you a few runs done since its only a 2l and the sogevac moves alot of cfm. Then you could get the right pump.

No brother that I do not know …I’m I the midst of ordering some old to get it operational …it needed a bit of cleaning and such ,I haven’t powered it up as yet but it definitely smells like Terps and all things associated with distillation .It says it had a rating of 46 cfm …and I know the Edwards e2m28 is around 21 cfm …but the Edward’s is a two stage …that being said wouldnt the higher cfm sort of suffice for now ?..I am taking the advice given for the alcatel …I’m already looking g for one …but I have four buckets of wash I need to roto the short path…and my clients are all hounding me lol for medicine .Stuck between a rock and a hard place but everything still irie as us island guys like to say .

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I would flush the sogevac and see what the micron rating is and if you do a good decarb/terp strip you might be able to get a couple runs done and then be able to biy the correct pump. Fill the soge with oil and let it run for an hour or so then drain and repeat and recheck the vac depth.

Ok I’ll start there, then I’ll know what I’m really working with .I’m justvwaiting on the (special oil )I’m supposed to use to get delivered then I’m firing it up…I wanted to use inland oil but my buddy swears I should use the (special oil ) end quote lol .

What kind. I use inland 19 weight, and have for yrs.

They say use leybonol a special brand for sogevac …I was looking at inland to purchase seeing that it is cheaper .Do you run a Sogevac ?

Ya. Ive never used that oil and was told it wouldnt make a difference or burt the pump and it hasnt in over 2 yrs of using it

It’ll work for a 2L fine

We get it down to 20 micron

Use I9-Ultra oil, it’s worth it

Will I need a vfd or am I going full bore plus and play ?..A bit worries of imploding the glass as well.