Sogevac sv65 bfi

Always have a vacuum gauge , if it’s good glass it won’t implode

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There will be a vac guage I’m just going off someone’s setup I’ve seen where they have an Edwards e2m28 with guage hooked up to a vfd ,I didnt really get his explanation but from my understanding is he didnt want the pump too go full bore …that’s wht I gathered .If you have some knowledge on why the use of a variable frequency drive please share of it’s not a bother .thanks ahead .

It can help but is not needed in the slightest. It can be used to control flow so you don’t pull passed cold traps but slow ramping of temps will avoid it just a well.

After a few runs, buy an Edwards 30 or similar. Then you can use the Sogevac for just the terp fractions and have a clean strong Edwards for distillate fractions

We run a 12L and there’s been plenty of runs where we hit distillate with the sogevac because we forgot to switch em. If ran right , the sogevac can easily hit 40-50 micron during main fraction.

Flush it well with fresh oil when you get it. With a full bore setup, it’ll run well for 2L

Going full bore on the pump will be fine, when youre ramping up the temp on a first pass the crude might form a muffin, which youll want to throttle down the vac on the pump to keep the muffin from climbing too high up in the distillation head. Separately, you can upgrade the whole 2L system to full bore pretty easily if youre condenser output is 24/40. Heres a few links in case youre interested:

Its all china glass, so operate at your own risk. Ive had great luck with some china glass for a basic system, but ya never know. Of course, would highly recommend using the short path in a fume hood and safety goggles.

To everyone who replied to this post …May jah guide and bless yuh pon di Journey …all this advice had really opened my eyes to a few things …I’m grabbing some 19 weight oil tomorrow and will be doing a flush…grabbing a vac guage from amazon as well to test micron level ,I was thinking g of putting it on my regular vac guage I built for the spd ,not sure if it will work in that regard but still worth a shot …and as far as glass wear ,I am ordering from china ,from a decent company that supplied my glassware for my Rotovap…there is a company here in bc that makes some quality glass that I will be upgrading to once I’m up and going .