Soft, Runny Distillate

At 68-70f I was digging into my jar and pieces shot EVERYWHERE like glass

The pic above in the bottle is about 60c held sideways about 30 sec

I smoked some unterped and definitely felt something, I already dabbed but I know you don’t feel CBD

Ur good what’s it like at room temp

It will move at 60c

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Check your vacuum depth with a Guage. If you’re not getting a deep enough vacuum your fractions won’t cut properly.


I have an Edwards 30. I know I am go deeper but my gauge reads under 100 micron about midway through body. The same with every fraction

This is the first it’s happened

It’s a shame, it came out so beautiful.

100 micron is great

If you’re monitoring depth and below 100 micron I would definitely listen to the advice already given and see if there are some other cannabinoids or isomers in there.


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Haha we’ve been together 10 years with two kids! I’ll remember your warning! :slight_smile:


Will do!

I’m not a large lab so this definitely hurts


Excellent color!


I’d be willing to be there some cbd in there


Like a high CBD strain? I extracted myself it never left my lab. I guess I could have been duped with hemp but I’m smoking it so I don’t know.

eat 300mg of it that’ll tell you if its thc :joy:

I think there might just be other cannabinoids or compounds in there (that may be the make up of what is in the nug) that are making it soft, I looked back on my thread and the soft stuff I tested was 85 and 87% d9 but I know it was super soft. I would still consider that good distillate 85% d9thc is like standard distillate. These days Im happy with 85%d9thc and at least 90% total cannabinoid

ya either high minor cannabinoids, or it could have been seeded and have some seed oils that were co extracted. I have had some that test in the 90% delta 9 and not being completely stable.

Wanna buy some? $3500 a liter :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Honestly I was thinking about eating some. Too much stuff going on I wouldn’t be able to even get my haircut

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Didn’t notice any seeds. We did the ETOH extraction. I’m going to go relook at the biomass

I’ll take 1@3500



Sure. I’m in SoCal inland empire can deliver within the 5 counties. Can arrange transport for other as well.

I’d test your starting material if you haven’t done so before. I see this in CBD refinement. At room temp THC distillate is rock solid.

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