Snowman ,make your oil as clean as snowman

Do you worry about heavy metal issue?
Do you worry about leaking happen in your cart?
Do you worry about clogging in your vape?
Do you worry about brunt taste?
Do you want new option for your business ,no more ccell similar kind?
Want a cartridge perfect for both CBD and THC?

Here comes the snowman ,After repeated improvements, it is Complete and high quality

Don’t trust my words .trust how customer said.

passed 30-days heavy metal testing.

20k pieces as trial order

30k trial order from califonrnia public super chain dispensary after passing the testing

We don’t sell cheap quality vape ,we devote to vape industry to help more people in need.
Don’t want to be a follower of CCELL ,trying to be a leader of innovative vape manufacturer


Are you using different tops now? Previous reviews said the tops were softer cheaper ceramic and the threads break off easily

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I would like to be a little more educated in that lead content. The COA does say pass, But I am curious as to how this lead limit compares to the lead limit in water. I stopped vaping because I am not convinced there is a safe cart out there. I would like to be proved otherwise though. I miss the easiness of smoking by having a cartridge on me all times.

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But it has lead in it. And why does it state in the message convo that ceramic is not good to make?

This pretty much hasn’t convinced me of anything other than I now know there IS lead in the ceramic carts.

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The timestamp on the second picture is not right. There is a message from 11:25am than 11:07am than another from 11:26am.


We improved the top, but did not use ceramic of the same hardness, because the product would be sold at a very high price. The top currently used is the same material as ccell’s ceramic top


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Salesman, Its a hell of a job.


Anyone try his ceramic carts? Looking for a full ceramic, I know most are made in China, just an honest review would be nice.

A good hit of concentrate has no lead?

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Is that a educational revue?


Too bad I look like a crack head torching up a dab on Christmas but hitting a Cartridge is so discreet


Merry Christmas!

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This thread did not provide the entertainment and information I was hoping to obtain. Bueller?

Is it possible we can have a side by side comparison between @Ascent vs Snowman? How does Ascent cart preform on this same metals test?

**deleted because these are Ascent not Snowman


Those look a lot like Ascent full ceramics.

I’ve had a few break…and I do get the tops off. It’s taken 20 years of working with my hands to get these forearms. These forearms power some callousd nubs that have little feeling left in them. These nubs are the tools I use. Usually twisting one way a bit, the other way a bit and giving it a good yank with a twist will pull the cap off.


Oh maybe they are I’m not sure which I’ll have to check

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