Snowboarding/skiing 2021 (and now 2022) and now 2023

Where and what are you riding this year? got any kids riding? What are you looking forward to most this season? I wanna talk about snowboard shit.

I went with arbor formula 156, fix Yale bindings and 32 tm2 Scott Steve’s edition boots. Mix of analog and quicksilver outerwear, still trying to figure out which goggles to get…

First year back since I had kids and just decked the family out with new gear and got season passes, interested to see how it goes with them…

Going to be riding at 49 degrees north in eastern WA. So if you are in the area let me know!

If this is ec worthy please feel free to move it.


Borealis snowboards will be a glg affiliate soon and will be offering 30% discounts on snowboards.

@Future let’s finish the affiliate info and get up on the list!


Breckinridge is my favorite and there is other places in that area near by

Also been going there since I was 9 your kids definitely would love it
Do you have a epic pass?


I plan on taking my family snowboarding this Christmas. We are hoping it’s not too cold.


Cold days make for the best quality snow. My boss is an avid snowboarder and any fresh powder days he just doesn’t come to work. Lmao


I want the marauder as a dedicated pow board…I love that shape…

About to heat mold these. Stoked.


I would love to ride there one day. Never rode Colorado. And no I’m up In WA.

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Go to any resort in Tahoe in the spring…

My fave for warm weather riding.


What snow climate change we always had snow for opening day of deer season November 15 th 3 years ago I roofed my house December 17 in a t shirt this is crazy I couldn’t amagine being a kid now COVID stuck inside no dance no graduation no skiing I only live 1 mile from the Gladstone ski hill I only got to go a couple of times 2years ago because they could only make snow and keep it for a month Marquette mountain was open for at least 3 months but it used to be open for 5 March April you could go in short and t shirt we always had the see how far you can go on the water in ternary they used to have the outhouses races it was even on espn now we don’t get enough snow to do it that was a big event 5000 people now none sad


Agreed. One big benefit to the mountains on this side of the state. Snow stay pretty dry here ime.

Working at white pass (cascades) when I was younger…totally different story.

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World class is Taos to be honest. They have the best ski school, cheapest mountain, and it’s the best shredding I have my whole life.

Just hit in right after a storm.

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That looks bad ass…

Beautiful landscape.

Furthest south I have ridden is mammoth.

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Yeah it’s a whole different type of snow. 90% double black.

Most of the runs are minimal 10 min walk to get to the peak


I love Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Park City, Utah, Whistler, BC, Aspen, CO, Vail, CO, Breckenridge, CO, Heavenly in Tahoe Sunday River in Maine, and a few others. Whistler was one of my favorites as well as Jackson Hole.


Telluride FTW!


Hey if anyone wants I’m a member of interval international anybody who wants to look and book let me know we went Dave walleys in Lake Tahoe it is 20 minutes drive up the mountain 3 or 4 resorts but the place is on 5 different hot springs 5 different hot tub all different temperatures and the outdoor pool was heated by all overflow there at Christmas and new year’s walking around the pool drinking and cocktail in shorts and you were sweating take a peek one of the family all time best vacations I think 3 bedrooms with everything ie grill on deck little 4 person sauna and whirlpool in the master washing machine dryer dishwasher all the dishes cooking utensils they come in and clean every other day 500-600$ during Christmas I just checked after the holidays 400-500& for a week lots of distinctions all over the world or Instagram marcgillis7


You’re over towards spokompton, right? Where are you looking to do most of your boarding this year? Lookout, silver, or what else is over there. Crystal is less than 2 hours from my front door and I intend on taking a few days up at baker this year. I also need to inform my work of my pow day policy. If there’s pow, it’s policy I go.


Yeah, north of there about an hourish.

Me and the family have season pass’s to 49 degrees north. It’s the best in the area (besides Schweitzer) Imo and im only like 25 minutes from it.

Mt Spokane is a little over an hour, silver is 1.75-2 hrs away and Schweitzer is about 1.5 from me too.

If you ever make it over this way hmu


And I ride a Jones twin mountain 158w. Burton cartels with Burton photon boots.


2013 Volkl RTM 84 in 180, 2010 Elan Puzzels in 185

Sunday River, Sugar Loaf, Wild Cat, Gunstock, Tuckermans Ravine/Mt. Washington