SMOORE hiring a research manager to investigate entourage?

Very interesting posting from SMOORE for a Phoenix opening…

1、Developing evaluation program of physical-chemical properties of cannabis products which are critical in vaping application, i.e., composition, concentration, viscosity-temperature dependence, flow behavior, boiling point, vapor pressure etc.

2、Establishing the infrastructure to define Design to Performance benchmarks through competitive product assessments to identify and understand what design elements are unique to / responsible for the product harm-reduction and sensory performance.

3、Developing & identifying design parameters of atomization experiments and analyzing aerosol vapor using analytical chemistry instruments TGA-GCMS, HPLC-MS, FTIR, GC-MS, HPLC etc.;

4、Work with Sensory scientists to establish a correlation between desired user experience and vapor properties using GC-Olfactory instruments

5、Deep partnership with Commercial, Consumer Insights, Regulatory Science, Regulatory Submissions, Operations, Quality, and Legal to achieve key business objectives.

6、Scoping out innovative product platforms and/or adjacencies to stay ahead of new the category entrants


Yeah. It’s been well-known within the vape manufacturing community that there is a potential cliff that CCELL distributors are facing as Smoore is looking to potentially compete with their existing distribution channels and sell direct.

This would be disastrous for current distributors such as Greenlane/Kush Bottles, Jupiter Research, 3Win, Hamilton Devices, Etc.


Yes Ccell is facing a lot of challenges, like price and fake

Not sure if you guys comprehend but that’s not what this topic is about. Better keep up!


Not sure you can read between the lines, but this topic certainly validates what we all see coming from a distribution side.

This position is just a chess move to the bigger picture.

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Can you elaborate? How does it all tie together?

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Smoore is making deals with just about anyone. One of my farmers hit them up and they sold directly to the brand.

Smoore is retaining their quality, but are sick of the exclusivity bullshit that their distributors pull. People in 2019 started realizing the gap between Smoore and other factories wasn’t that large, and started creating competition for smoore.

Smoore took note that ccell wasnt distributing to the absolute best prn makers, they were only focusing on tiny ass regulated shops. Then D8 hit and suddenly most of the brands people got exposure to were non-smoore.

Now we are coming to a point where factories will start to get pushed out of the market and smoore sees the writing on the wall.

They will continue to distribute ccell through their legacy channels, and the same tech unbranded through the channels that ccell distros leave behind (aka 60-70% of the market)

So when someone tells you that they are a smoore distro, realistically, you can be one too

-best boy cart man


so… capitalism sucks?

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Capitalisim sucks for uncreative, lazy people who rely on contracts to make sales (looking at you jupiter and hamilton)


Bro that was some legitimate market knowledge.

What is wrong with you?

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I made a post to talk about a job opportunity and it gets derailed with complaints about marketing strategy, and then people complain when I crack a joke about the derail?


The “complaints” are just saying that the job opportunity is great


We can all work for the Chinese now. :joy:

Be like Africa!


As an American, it seems like I already owe them some money.


SMOORE’s market cap is currently ~$15bn US… job security is nothing to laugh at.

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Wish I knew more about analytics, I would sell my soul for a little bit of that security.

I feel as though I may do well with ancillary roles until I could acquire credentials/capacities to do so, but this far down the line research, def above my pay grade.


I am currently a Researcher 3 basically this position without management responsibilities so this position would be the next level up for me, but I am in the non-profit sector outside cannabis. Would not be a boring day at the office running a blind study on different vape parameters for different strains, to establish data sets and analysis frameworks to quantify the sensory effects of cannabis consumed under these different vape variables. :exploding_head:

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It’s a very well-known fact that Smoore produces more cartridges than perhaps the next 4-5 companies combined in the list. so can’t blame AVID for highlighting this part as it should really matter to him as well.

I have been working with Smoore for a very long time. I am on record here saying how unhappy I was with CCELL distributors and their lack of effort to get more of the market share. As the market evolved I worked very closely with Smoore to create multiple exclusive disposable devices for my clients in the D8 market.

An entire new department/division within Smoore was launched for this too. Their focus is indeed to get customers who are willing to pay a slight premium can tap into the Smoore quality products.

Smoore has indeed expanded their vaping product catalog as well which I think is far more important for them as now they can compete with a lot of other factories on the price of non-ceramic coil-based vaping devices.

Long as you have the volume yes it is very possible to source directly from one of the divisions of Smoore however you can’t have products under the CCELL name for cheap.

Lot of companies claim to have real authentic products from Smoore but actually don’t…it is very clear from the price points that are being shared sometimes with respect to different products.

I think any company that competes with Smoore on price and similar quality should be shit scared because they continue to build teams in the US and are in fact going to expand in the US market :slight_smile:


The REAL AVD is now AVEO

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I don’t think there is any point spending 20-30% more to get ccell on the cart. There are also downsides to ccell branded carts, like improper blister packaging. The ccell branded carts are designed for much slower filling with the aforementioned blisters and screw tops or push tops that require arbor press.