Smokeable flower is available in Oregon

We have over 200k smokeable flower for sale LIFTER AND SPECIAL SAUCE. Pricing ranges from $400 down to $275

Located in OR and ready to be picked up or shipped.


Forgive my ignorance, but can just anyone buy this?

Pretty much


That’s not hemp…

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Yes it is sir.


beautiful flower! Ive gotta clear out the last of the old shit first though… time to do massive clearance!

if you sti have any in a few weeks, do you so single lbs?

10lbs min contact me when you are ready and we might be able to work something out.

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Whats the legality of this?

0.87% THC-A?
0.76% total THC??


Delta 9 is below .3%

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But have you looked at the lab? total THC is over .3% THC means its not legal… Am i missing something here?

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Pretty sure your looking for total amount of THC there. If you do the conversion from non-decarbed to decarbed you will still be hot

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I believe the legality of hemp states Delta 9 below. Total THC should not matter as long as Delta 9 is below.

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What kind of THC is being quantified other than d9 on this test.

Good question, im assuming just THCa. We will have full panels next week

From what I know… testing hemp flower (and any plant material for that matter) is very inconsistent in testing. Using a credible 3rd party lab and getting 3-5 samples tested is the best way to distribute this kind of material. As a buyer… those are the things I am looking for before bringing in a product like this.

Yeah we are currently waiting for 3 COas back. We will be doing more testing as product comes down as well.

Would you be interested in this at all?

Beautiful flower! Just to confirm, you’ve had legal entities give you confidence in the legality of this? My understanding is that THCa is an analogue of THC and is thus still considered a schedule 1 substance; the hemp bill dictated that total THC had to be under 0.3%, not just delta 9. However, I’ve seen people make similar arguments about the legality of delta 8, and have paid for no legal opinions myself, so I’m more interested in your opinion and really what the vibe of the industry is for hot/not hot flower.

For example, I could just take tail fractions from chromatography of un-decarb’d crude (would be hella easy with a silica column; could even do it with DCVC I’d imagine) and then crash out the THCa and have high purity hemp-derived THCa. Surely that’s not legal?..

could one just buy some hemp trim and water down your flower packs to a compliant ratio?


for sure–increase the water content of the flower to decrease the oil/weight; would make the CBD% a lil less as well so if you’re selling off points you’d lose a bit of money but also have a compliant COA.

Not literally the water content haha that would encourage mold growth

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