Small used OLD lol cheap vacuum oven

This is for my personal use guys, at home
…I don’t want anything big, used and old AF as long as still works. If anyone has an old one lying around that they would let go to good home PM me. I’m not asking for anything free, but this is personal use so I’m looking for really really cheap


you could sit in this one and monitor your slabs…

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Haha might have to sell a kidney or 2, maybe a lung and ball

I’ve got an old AI 1.9cu I’d let go for $1200. I’m in Seattle.

Honestly though, this sounds like a job for skunk pharm DIY vac chamber

I used a pyrex baking dish instead of a stock pot because of the surface area.

I have vac chamber from wax vac seal

and where are you located…

Holy crap now this looks more like me! Used really small ones for, 300$!!! Thank you so much bro

Makes my day lil better considering my experiment making THC isolate was success but loading them into Vapes after thinning and flavoring to terps thinned with terps… Then I used a needle to small, dog needle not vape one bc I couldn’t wait, long story short, the cart went flying along wit all the isolate everywhere…

Learning experience, keep one hand on each item, syringe and cart, and use vape Blunt big gauge needles for this! Don’t make my mistakes! Rushing things lost everything!

O well guess where I washed the crystals that ethol will be winterized an got crystals out whew not total loss

you should also check out the skunkpharm thread on rehabing an ebay vac oven.

if they weren’t designed specifically for our industry, they are designed for 500f, and tend not to regulate all that well in the 100f range.

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Ok so the standard vac oven on eBay not the kind I need? The temp to wild? Yeah figured

I found one used on extractor site for$400 I imagine shipping gonna get me

I’m clear across the country from y’all!!! Trust me, the wrong coast!

swapping in a $35 PID control for the potentiometer in a “regular” vac oven will solve the regulation issue. if you can find a used one designed for our industry you’re probably in better shape. unless you like pulling things apart.

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what are your size requirements? what are you trying to do?

I want the smallest size I can get used definitely… Not wanting to spend much this is personal use…I know everyone thinks I’m just trying to be cheap, but I’m just looking into having the capability to use heat and vac at same time during some instances, maybe big enough for a tray or2🤣 tiny set up… I’m blasting out 2" x24" and 2"x 6"… So at most I get oz. Return after blasting in same pot couple times! Mainly 7g runs. I have vac Chambers… Kinda just Hobbie of mine, starting to look more like an obession.hahaha

what size tray? you can make a pyrex baking pan into a vac chamber. then you can submerge it in a waterbath, or use a heating pad.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that you can just make a plastic vac lid for whatever tray you want to use, and turn the tray into a vac oven.

Otherwise, buying an oven from ebay and retofitting it with a PID controller is a great cheap option. Just remember shipping costs for these ovens is big.

Well I have wax vac seal brand vac chamber, it’s Pyrex dish with rubber seal and plexyglass lid…I use water bath but takes forever, like sometimes I make thc isolates and other things, if I can get used for around $3-400 I’ll do it soon

in case others following in your footsteps lack the googlefu required to turn hints into links

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That looks pretty badass but I just don’t feel like that I would be capable of doing that, I don’t know if I have the equipment or anything I’m probably end up spending more trying to get everything :pensive:

let’s see pics of your chamber.
have you tried a cheap sous vide for waterbath?

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No I haven’t but I’ll check it out, is there a hot plate that precise, would that work…

I have a couple of these, but after time about year, where the pipe goes through they starting to crack

Great! So if you got a bigger pan (more surface area) just like that, a bigger piece of plastic (easy/cheap)and some more rubber (you can use rubber hose), you could make a bigger one.

For heat: try this

this should all cost like $50 and is easy to slap together.