Small scale candy wrapping machine

hello, looking for a small scale candy wrapping machine either automated or semi automated. specifically for softer candies/taffies (think tootsie roll) that need wrapped on each side. our kitchen does about 3,000 of these candies every once in awhile and looking to cut down on wrapping time. i’ve seen the bigger ones and unfortunatley, theyre a bit out of budget. wondering if there is anything smaller out there. thanks for any input!

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Cut and twist machine is what you want mate

Loynds is crazy expensive even for lab scale stuff

appreciate the insight, but this is a bit too big for our production. I’m looking for something more desktop/table top and really only need the wrapping function, not the cutting.
Surely there must be some machine that is semi automated that can be fed individual candies and it wraps them up. I just havent found it yet.

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There is often a big gap for these types of machines until you are ready to do industrial scale.


well that is disheartening but much appreciated input! I’ll keep looking, and will update this thread if I ever find something. Until then, my team’s hands are the best tool for the job i guess.

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O yes twist tie and cut machines are super spendy

Might be. They have used Loynds sometimes (same website as listed above) and there are sometimes candy wrapping machines at auction.

In general - when doing so few pieces so infrequently the ROI for the machine is probably not worth the spend. That’s where I recommend people consider different kind of packaging instead.

For instance - have you considered sachets instead of twist and wraps? They use the same kind of film most of the time and the sachets machines are much less spendy and easily available from Amazon, etc.


ohhh, very interested in this. You got any more info or able to point me in the right direction? thanks so much! havent thought of just changing the packaging. Great point!