Small home project

I am wondering what gear a fella would need to do very small runs of disty at home that wouldnt cost an arm and a leg. Im talking processing my legal 4 plants, maybe a bit more ;). I see a lot of ethanol extraction gear for sale but it seems to generally for commercial production, wondering if anyone can recommend some hobby level gear that would cost an arm and a leg or what a budget for something like that would even look like. Im already doing small ethanol runs, to give an idea of scale I am using the EtOH, but would like to refine it even further to make some flavored carts. Thanks in advance.

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You’re going to wanna look into bucket tek. Search bar up top.


So the bucket tek looks like its is to get like a full spectrum oil, I am more wondering about next level refinement to get a clear distillate. Unless I am not reading the thread correctly. I know you can get pretty cheap distillation equipment on Amazon but Im a bit reluctant to go too cheap and just don’t really know enough about the gear to confidently make a purchase.

You need to winterize and filter, then you can distill. If you’re growing high thc you’ll have high thc oil, if high cbd then oil will be high cbd. You need to read more.


You have to make crude first…

Then you should look up @beaker’s work.


What would be a cost efficient way to winterize or is there such a thing? I have looked at ultra low temp freezers but they are pretty high priced for the volume I intend on doing. I’m less looking for the process and more looking for gear recommendations. Making the crude I have down, currently making THC rich full spectrum oil, in all honesty I am trying to help the in law without breaking the bank as he isn’t really a man of means and I don’t really want to drop 10k.

To give an idea of volume I am currently making crude with the ExtractCraft EtOH

He is pretty happy just smoking the crude, I just thought if there was a way I could drop 5 or 6 hundred bucks and get him something that would work a bit better in a pen it would be a nice birthday gift for him lol

You can winterize in a ice chest with dry ice.


@ky_cbd has a guide on how to


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You’ll need about a kg of crude for a 2l short path.



Ignorance speaking here, but is that safe?



Maybe? The guy has been smoking RSO for the better part of his life and he is still kickin at 70.

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Yea no that’s not safe dude

you can certainly take your ethanol extraction up a notch or two and get dab-able/ cart ready oil.

it will be a lot less work (and $$) than getting to distillate. which is over-rated anyway.

any idea where your potency is with your current extraction method.

the “RSO” @GummyChad has in his head is so green it’s black, and comes in at about 50-55% cannabinoids. you can hit 75% cannabinoids and a blond extract with ethanol by cooling things down (dry ice) and hurrying up (90 sec washes).

a centrifuge (panda) will help.


Ya what we are getting him right now is pretty much the black oil of the old days, I do have a pretty reliable source of dry ice just havent really gone down that road yet as I have been trying to figure out all the pieces. Any particular centrifuge you would recommend or recommend to steer clear of?


with your budget, you’ll want a panda.

as far as SPD

maybe :


That’s perfect, appreciate this info!

Shut up.