Sitting on China bought carts. What to do

I ordered quite a few China knockoff th205 carts, and don’t know what to do with them. Lady said they passed heavy metal test but I’ve heard China does not test them for that. Dont want to throw away but also don’t want to be a statistic. What would you do?

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Get them tested locally.


I’m guessing there’s no way you can send back for a refund?

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Lol never. China’s gov won’t let them import the carts


Lol of course not. Anyone got any ideas for him should the test come back as fail?

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Take the failed test with the carts and go on a circuit tour Informing the public of these Chinese carts and the dangers of em.

Or, test your sniping skills and set em up for target practice.


They have not been filled, can i still test them other then a cannabis testing facility when there empty?
or should i fill, wait a couple weeks then test if not?

(heard the acidity in the oil is what wears at the metal. My reasoning on waiting acouple weeks)

Something isn’t right here. :thinking:

"Wurzer suspects that cannabis oil—which is acidic—is leaching lead from some carts, causing the oil to fail tests. “Maybe some oil is picking up some of the lead and failing there,” Wurzer says. “We have tested actual empty cartridges and confirmed a number of ‘over the limit’ hits for lead.”

If you send me one or two of them I can test them for heavy metals. DM me if interested


Interested thank you.

To test empty for metals, find a lab to do acid wash test of the posts. Some cannabis labs may be willing to do it.


You can certainly get them tested. I bet if you have any friends in a college chemistry program, their program may even be interested to test them with all the news scares going on.


I believe he’s referring to Steep Hill that suggested acidic terpenes mixed into distillate may be causing the leaching.

Worked for over a year in the cart industry. I can confirm this is the correct way to test for heavy metals - you would leave the oil in a cartridge for a certain number of weeks, and then remove and test the oil to see if it leached heavy metals from the cartridge. You would test using GC-MS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry) which is the leading heavy metals test.

Edit: And any basic cannabis testing lab should be able to provide this service


What labs are using GC-MS for heavy metals?

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@Apothecary36 is there a specific reason why they can’t be imported back in. I think heavy metals being infused somewhere in the carts to smuggle out of their country doesn’t seem unreasonable if gov doesn’t want them coming back into the country

F***, you’re right.

ICP-MS, not GC-MS. Thank you for catching that