Sift Seeded bud before turning into distillate?

Normally I would sift seeded buds, but the people want crude oil, and I’d rather not sift first. Is any seed oil going to make it into a cold ethanol extraction? Will it survive winterization? Will any weird smells or tastes make it through the first pass?

check out.

my reading suggests that sifting may be worth the effort…


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Hey maybe the seed oil will keep it liquid and clear lol

I’ve probably tasted worse carts honestly

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it doesn’t look from here like you followed the link …

there is more to the story than the first post.


Ok. Thanks, I missed that thread. Looks like the seed oil makes it through according to future.

I like how everyone wants to turn it into a positive tho. That would be just too perfect.

It’s probably ok for edibles, but anyone making distillate edibles is picky anyways so probably not. Oh well.


Ethanol will not extract much from the seeds, sift abunch and leave them in etoh to see for yourself.

Now seeds in co2…that’s another story.


Thank you @shinyemulsion. I figured extraction solvent would likely make a difference.

@Future didn’t mention which solvent was used to create the high cannabinoid hemp oil he was dealing with. Assuming he was using ethanol was not unreasonable, but it was an assumption.

It was warm iso. And if it wasn’t seed oil then idk what it was. The starting material was ground up hemp flower, seed, and stalk.

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previously posted 1k word substitute that fits well with “warm iso…” picking up more oil from seed

given the nature of grinding up flower, seed & stalk, one might even posit the involvement of a hammer mill. which would presumably have increased seed oil pickup even further by exposing the insides of the seeds.


Warm Iso + Ground Seed = Seed Oil. Which we the distilled, and probably fractionated!

MCT from hemp seed?


@Dissilitt did we get there fast enough to save you from sifting?

the 1k word substitute originally posted by @TheGratefulPhil indicates you should be fine…at least as far as veg oil pickup.

It is of course still possible there are bitter secondary metabolites in the seed coat that will extract with cold ethanol and be problematic in crude oil, but distillation will likely take care of those.

taking @shinyemulsion’s suggestion and soaking some seeds would confirm or deny that possibility. I’d use virgin solvent, evaporate it, and taste the results if you’re worried about it.

Good idea, im going to soak some seeds in -20 etoh and see what comes out

Thanks for the help. I’m guessing ground material and warm Iso will be way different from unground and cold

So I soaked 29 g of mostly seeds about half are mature, and some greens mixed in.

Then added 150 ml ethanol at about -20c from the freezer

Then soaked for 20 min in the freezer

Then filtered at .45u.

I haven’t evaporated it yet, but I think it smells faintly of seeds. I’ll report back when I get some rotovap time.


Looks like some nice clean seeds. :slight_smile:


Slightly off topic but…

Anybody else ever plant those seeds after extraction? I have gotten about a 10% success rate after butane extraction of seeded bud.


@Dissilitt Any news on that seed extraction?

So my phone got swiped off a bar in Vegas and I lost the pics, but basically got a little bit of dark gooey oil that most likely had seed oil in it. I would have expected something more shatter like without the seed oil, and the smell was not something I wanted to smoke. I was just selling crude, so I didn’t want to risk it, and took the time to sort the seeds.

Anybody else running seeded into distillate? Guessing its fine for isolate?

I’ve ran buds with seeds in it for crude and didn’t have a problem they actually grew in the pile of spent material that being said, mine wasn’t heavily seeded . Break it all up and get as many out as possible, because like future said if you get seed oil in there it will never be the distilate people want if it’s not hard and solid st room temp

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Client wants me to run trim with seeds via ethanol extractions into distillate. Seems pretty safe to say that it would be a terrible idea, resulting in runny seed oil contamination???