Sieve bead regeneration issues

Apparently i havent been getting my sieve beads dry enough, the new ones are way drier.

I can get them to absorb water but not get hot. Even beads that have been used once and are clean.

I can get them dry in the microwave which tells me they are ok, its my drying.

Apparently they dont dry as easily as powders since they love water so much.

Ive been putting them in the regular oven at 250 in a deep pot for about 6 or 7 hours, then in the vac oven for at least an hour.

Very possible issue is that i have recently acquired a bullseye vac gauge and it shows that im hitting about 800 micron for vac with a crappy harbor freight 3cfm 2 stage pump. Ill try to get those numbers lower with a pump flush and maybe a better vac pump.

250f or 250C?

See: Molecular sieve beads



Seems to be my issue, I heard of others baking them at a lower temp to not burn any leftovers into them but it shouldnt be an issue.

Ill report back if i have any issues. Thank you

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Go way hotter. I used to fire them in a glassblowers kiln.


I always thought you needed like 400F for at least an hour to dry them. I think it would be good to weight them dry right out of the bag.


The sieve beads I got from delta absorbents came fully dried. I tested them by putting some in a coffee mug and pouring some water into the mug and the mug reached a temp of like 200 f.

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Put a pinch in my mouth and they hurt. SUCCESS!!!

Worked like a champ! Thanks fellas


Gotta take one for the team some times

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website said 250f for an hour I thought.

I did mine 2-3h, pull -28hg for a few hours, then put them in a turkey bag.

3A Molecular Sieve Mesh, Beaded - Delta Adsorbents does indeed list 250f

actually testing them after whatever drying routine you use seems prudent.


This seems to be the right licking a 9v equivalent:


:rofl: :rofl: :joy:

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That’s pretty accurate😂

I just did mine at 300f, full vac for 24 hours. I forgot to weigh before and after. But my shatter has been coming out even more stable which I’ve always noticed is an indicator. If my oil won’t become stable that means it’s time for me to empty my solvent tank, clean out any water that made its way in, and regenerate my sieve and I’ll have the same sappy material come out like glass after cleaning.