Should you defoliate for processing?

We are an outdoor farm and going to be doing the majority of our biomass as mainly distillate. Is there any benefit to keeping the entire plant whole before freezing other than wet weight? I’m new and learning so I feel the leaves will just add to the amount of material that needs to be filtered out during winterization?

My whole ethos about extracting anything is ‘If there ain’t sugar on it, it ain’t worth shit’. I strip anything that doesn’t have trichs on it


Our plan this year since we can’t get extraction built, we are going to try to find someone to outsource the processing then have some distillate or extracts returned to us then white label and sell.

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Is this hemp bio or THC?

THC no hemp here lol

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If you have acres and acres of it, it’s rather hard to just strip it all so a lot of the time if you’re going straight disty they normally don’t strip the leaves, it’s just too time consuming and you’d end up with degrading plants by the time you can strip all the fans and what have you off, disty is less important when it comes to clearing all the ‘cabbage’ out but every bit helps as far as i’m concerned. More than likely it’ll be extracted via ethanol or something of that sort which is pretty efficient. If you find a good processor i’m sure you can make it work for you - this site is a great place to find someone to work with you. I wish you good luck my friend

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Thanks for your help. Yes I do hope I can establish some relationships from this site. Seems to be a good resource thus far.

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What’s your location and how many plants/acres do you have?

We process, but aren’t close to you I assume. A location and an idea of how much biomass will help you line up a processor. As well, we have specific rules on our biomass. Most processors will tell you how they want the material stripped and/or milled.

Would it surprise you that this is not a new question?

See for instance: How much to trim

At some point some genius decided to market “too lazy to trim” as a feature: “whole plant extract!”


It’s not feasible to strip that many plants


I leave some sugar leaves on when i trim for this exact reason.

Yeah normally when I’m prepping plants for fresh frozen the day before or so I give all of their leaves a good trim down


I have a plant that got Potassium deficiency in the freezer rn with my trim

Gonna save it for something