SHOPPING FOR A NEW 12L SPD , any recommendations ?

I’m looking for help sourcing a short path. I accidentally copy-pasted the consultant template here, but the loving mods of this site cleaned it up for me.

Here is the original post in case another, more sour mod comes along

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I don’t really have much to say on glass, there is a whole thread with people discussing the big names. Go wide bore with glass regardless of who made it. Pumps, get the best pumps you can afford. Get a sogevac for roughing and at least one high cfm dual stage pump rated for deep vacuum. You can have the best glass made, if you use inadequate pumps it will not work well.


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I have anything and everything you need. All in one spot. And I’ll beat anyone’s prices. Bring me your best invoice and I’ll get you better pumps, hardware, and everything you need to make tomorrow’s distillate and not last year’s product.


@david has amazing glass


I’ll be going with @goldleaf_scientific when I get to building my 10L. They blow all their own glass, so they can customize anything you need and they’re the best priced US manufacturers I have found so far. It’s a shame they’re so often overlooked given their quality and affordability.

Also, Edward 40’s can be found for relatively cheap and work great on a 10L system.

What are the 12l techno mantels running?

I went with @goldleaf_scientific for my 10L setup and I honestly can’t recommend them. I’m not gonna blast them on here or anything, but message me if you want more details about my experience.

I’ll be going with Rocco glass for my next pieces, they also blow in house.


I had a bad experience with them as well, his niche is foing towards people who are new to distilation

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Actually a good portion of my customer base really like that they can ask more advanced questions and know that I have the technical expertise to guide them.
Correct me if I’m wrong but your bad experience was that you took a class like 2 years ago and that it was for novices?

If you have a piece of glass and you think it’s defective just send it back. We need to verify how and why it’s defective. A replacement will be sent immediately after testing. We simply cannot send a freebie just because you think it’s defective.


Not looking for a freebie, I just want the replacement first so that I don’t have downtime. My prior experience with your company doesn’t make me confident that sending the piece back first will not result in downtime.

Your lead time estimates have consistently been way off, and one package I got from you was packaged terribly, so everything except the incorrectly sized thermowell was broken.

The current head works, I just have to use PTFE at the head inlet to make it so I don’t lose 2000 microns, as shown in the video I sent you.

Having said all of that, I do like your glass - I get great flow rates on that big head. Just send me a replacement head and a prepaid box to send the defective one back in, and we can resolve this issue! I have no reason to keep the other head.

Let’s just arrange shipping better and I think we can get you back running with no downtime. I’ll confirm a replacement is in stock first, then you ship the other back. After it’s received we will ship the replacement same day. We can probably get this done over the weekend or when you have a break from running. I will refund/credit the shipping after testing

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Hey bud check this out. You’ll never see that drama from my team or with my gear. Real talk.

Summit research will offer you:
The best support and guidance for free with up to date knowledge.
Top of the line gear and technology.
The best glassware and patented hardware on the market with serious market leading tools. No Asia’s import products. All domestic or leading brand (German, English, sweedish etc) with the strongest warranties in the market.
The best heating system second to none and light years ahead of the competition.
The easiest distillations.
The brightest colors.
The highest clarity.
The fastest speeds.
The lowest temperature.
Accurate and definitive readings with nist certified hardware.
From small systems loaded with complex feature packed technology to make your job easier with intuitive tools, or even a large systems loaded with basic sensors so you can rip

Choose wisely. But be sure to bring me your best invoice and watch me flip it upside down and hook you up fam.


I’d do lab societies electronics and Rocco scientific glass. Maybe summits new mantle heard cool things about it. Take what SPDking says with A grain of salt… their tech support and customer service leaves a lot to be desired and they’re website is a nightmare. They have decent kits tho.

The cheap brands like extractor depot and across international will work you’ll just chase a lot of vaccuum leaks. Get a used vacuum will save you a lot of money and are the biggest single ticket item.

Full bore all the way of course.

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I happened to be in the bay area when tou were giving a class so I figured why not. And you we doing nothing but running second pass. There was no showing of anything other than that. I asked tou about tour heads and tou said there fast they do 50ml an hour. There was no showing of how to dewax, separate fractions none of that. Your words were i did all that ahead of time. Worse 950 ive spent. I left after 15 minutes. It was very obvious that tour class was for people who knew nothing about running a short path and it was also advertised as being at anresco labs not a folding chair in your store.

The class was marketed as a introduction to short path distillation not an advanced class. I don’t think winterization was ever listed as a topic that would be covered and honestly not sure how valuable that is or if that’s relevant. Should I show the exaction process too, how about growing? There is limited time. Many people want to fly in/out the same day and the class cannot go more than 6 hrs.
Even though it is second pass there is still some heads that gets pulled each class. The course did cover how to identify and separate fractions. The price included a $500 credit towards a kit and I often said to bring a friend so you could also split the price. It was more than fair.

Winterizing you dont think is important to show the people who have never done this? And it was never distinguished between novice and expert. It became very clear who you were targeting and that i do this alot more than you and for a lot longer. Not knocking your business but even if i was a novice i would have been left with a ver very small understaning of the process. Your explanation ‘s were horrible, and since ive been doing this for 10yrs i just honestly wanted to ask a few questions since im self taught but it was clear that you did not seem like someone who could answer my questions.

It said “introduction class”. Apparently you missed that and just assumed.
I don’t run material everyday. I am not a processor. But I have enough technical expertise to guide anyone in this industry regardless of complexity or scale.

You are a white label china reseller, you might now blow your own glass which is more expensive than your competition and doesnt work as good . It was not labeled an introduction class it was asvertised at anresco labs. Not your cramped lil storw front with dolding chairs. Your not a processor and it is and was very obvious. Don’t reply to me ive wasted enough time and money on you. When im done taking rhis shit ill forget you even exist.