Shenzhen Based Disposable Vape Supplier

I am looking for a good China based vendor for disposable vape pens. Much rather focus on someone with consistent quality than worry about shaving 1 RMB off the cost.

I’d like some recommendations a new supplier for your basic 1g rechargeable, as well as if anyone has any leads on the “multi-flavor” 2 or 3 in one pens I am seeing pop up in the nicotine space, but, for oils.




Has you covered. :slightly_smiling_face: shoot him an inbox


Eboattimes have 10years experience in cbd vape pen/ disposable vape pen ,pls check the attached , email:

@Future you should do something with the vape sales like you do with the hemp slangers and verification

Charge the guys and get some samples to prove they are quality.


we made it ,sir

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You’re right. To get the business, some Chinese factoies will use cheap materials to save cost. Their product is very cheap but always ignores quality. We think quality is the only way to win the market not price.

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Cilicon is your best choice. Cilicon founded without compromise on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Our advanced technology can better enhance the consumer experience while ensuring your cost benefits.
Pls check our website for more info

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I do this on my own dime

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@QBD420 my go to

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another +1 for @QBD420 , very happy with the products I received


hi ,i am CBD/THC device manufacturer in ShenZhen China.We are the Top 5 OEM/ODM and product design manufactures of disposable pen,cartridge and battery in the CBD and THC area Can we have a chance to talk.Tks!

Hey buddies, we can help you figure this out.

With 14 years of expertise in vaporization business, you can guarantee a trusted partner to help your brand grow. Whether you require help with your Cannabis supply chain involved in Manufacturing/ Filling/ Packaging/ OEM & ODM customization requirements, our Shenzhen GMP facilities and workforces are here to assist. Buddy Group Factory Preview - YouTube

We’re looking forward to supporting you!

For Any queries or concerns, pls feel free to contact me at:
Whatsapp: +86-18028750531

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This is Cassie from BBTANK.

1g rechargeable disposable pens and multi-flavor pens, we get you covered. Just feel free to hit me up to talk more details. Thanks

Hi, We would like to recommend one of our the most popular 1m disposable for your choice

I got you, we have the best price with the newest technology for the cheapest!


LMAO :rofl:

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what’s up sir, we are based in Shenzhen, and office located in LA. can we make an appointment and visit you guys? we’re the vendor you need.
text me if you are interest (626)601-7636

what products do you receive ? disposable vape ?

Hello Guys,
This is Emily from Folartech.We provide one-stop solutions for vaporizers related to cannabis industry.
cbd/thc devices varies from 0.5ml to 3ml ,and bigger capacity 4ml or 5ml are coming soon.
DM me or Whatsapp +86 18820239851 for more info.