Shatter is auto buttering

Is there anything i can donwith shatter that is begining to auto butter? About half of my slabs are buttering and i just dont want to waste it. Can i turn it into suger or something like that? It is super terpy and wouldnt get stable. Just looking for some advise. Im new to extraction in a cls. Can some one point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.


In some instances you can hit it with a heat gun and temper it like hard candy, but will give it a glossy look, if it’s terpy enough it’ll resugar given enough time.


Are you winterizing/dewaxing?


No i am doing semi cold blast. Probably around -10c.

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After my pour i could not get it to muffin like usual. I assummed it was due to the terpenes being so abundant. It has a great smell. Just never would get to the shatter consistency. I tried the hot/cold/hot/cold method to try and get it there but it just auto buttered instead.

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Call it a feature.

Shatter is for the uneducated masses.

If you lose the terps, you can achieve shatter, but wtf would you throw terpenes away to make an inferior product?

Because it’s what your customers want?

Educate them. One dab at a time if you must.

Edit: get on Leafly and look at the products available in mature markets (CA,OR,WA,CO). Look at the prices fetched by “shatter” compared to batter, or sugar, or crumble…you are deliberately trying to make sub-par product from something that is screaming at you to let it be something better.


Trust me i know this. I was instructed to make this product. Its just for people who prefer shatter. I am not in sales i am in production. I believe its more for range of products.

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I am just looking to see if there is anything else i can do with this as it is not sellable in this form. If i can change it to something else ie sugar, crumble, etc it would save me from trashing 200g of product.

Then educate the damn boss!

As far as range of product goes, let this one be what it wants to be. Turn less terpy material into shatter.


Agreed. So can i just add a little butane and jar this at this point? See what happens?


I recommend you use the search bar though. This has been explored repeatedly.

“Auto-butter” is equivalent to “wants to be sugar” in my whirled.

Try: Search results for 'sugar whip' - Future4200

When the butter it is strong; you must whip it.
If the boss he says it’s wrong; you must whip it


Trust me i tried the search bar before writing this stupid question. I knew i would get called out on it and i did it anyway. I mean look at me im a god damn criminal. Love your whip it joke. Thanks for the help bud. Always appreciated.

Explore the search I posted then. It looks productive to me…


Doing that now.

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…and I do realize how futile this might seem.

my repeated attempts on that front make me almost unemployable.


I played that game for years. If it wasn’t shatter, the boss threw it back at me. My solution at the time was to winterize in ethanol. Lose those excess terps and fats, and get glass every time.

Then he discovered live resin…and quit bitching about it.


Got a pic of slab?

To sugar I usually just take the slab and put in jar(s) and place in oven starting at about 100°f slightly increasing heat every couple hours or so if sugaring doesn’t occur.


You can always throw it back into the collection pot, redisolve and pour out as shatter restarting the cycle, however the buddering is happening due to lipids/fats in your oil. You can help mitigate this by adding clarification medias such as UltraClear, Activated Alumina, or Silica in your runs to help pull these phospholipids/sopas/fats. Im sure you already know but try to chill your solvent as cold as possible as well. These lipids are what gives the oil some cloudiness when chilled and cause instability in shatter. Removing them will definitely prolong the shelf life of the oil in shatter form. Only other way to help mitigate this is by winterizing.


As of now i am trying to get the solvent to -30c or so. I dont have the means to get colder at this point. Soon i will have a -80c chiller running on the solvent tank and post chiller.