Setting up another material column to my system

Hey guys, I’m looking at upgrading to be able to run 10 pounds. I currently have a 6x36 material column and going to add another 6x36 and obviously increase my collection pot. Am I better to daisy chain them together or make a manifold and flood them individually? Currently have 10x20 with 10x6 collection pot. Going to add another 10x12 on top of the 10x20. If my math is correct that should be big enough safely recover 60lbs of 70/30? Would love some input on setting this up!

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what are your 10" clamps pressure rated for?
how are you keeping that warm?
How are you maintaining your 70/30 blend?

In my personal experience you’d want to have 2 injection ports , i modded the terrp and did a bunch of experiments always has issues with transfer or had to dump too much tane and the collection pot wouldnt hold iit all

We get tanks of pre mixed 70/30 that we distill. The 10x20 and 10x6 are jacketed with an 85 degree water bath but the 10x12 add on is not jacketed. The clamps we have are rated for 300 psi I believe but our pressures usually aren’t over 60-70psi

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I suspect they are rated for 200psi at best: Propane VS N-Butane extraction - #16 by cyclopath

have you noticed your pressures change over time? (as that solvent ratio changes on each recovery). you can use tank temp & pressure + math to figure out today’s ratio…or even adjust it to yesterday’s.

rack your columns & run 3/8" (or 1/2" if you’ve got the $$) SS over teflon lines (with valves) from the bottom of each column to your collection pot. I would run sequentially.

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Run the one at a time, you are going to have a hard time flooding 2 columns at once.
Your collection base will be 10"x38" if i read that correctally?

Yeah 10x38 all together.

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So you have 2984.81 cubic inches in your collection spool. 2387.84 cubic inches is 80% capacity so that is the max working volume for this vessel. Thats 10.33 gallons of “stuff” that fits in there. So thats 49.4 lbs of n-butane max that will go into there.
1)What I did was find the cylinder volume
I used 80% of the total volume for the next calculations.
2)I convert cubic inches to gallons
3)I use this Handy dandy website to find out how much the butane weighs.


So if my math is correct it’s roughly 49 cubic inches of collection space needed per pound on tane. So I need roughly 7 more inches of 10” column to be able to run 60lbs safely?

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@Soxhlet thank you for keeping us safe sir!!

I was dubious on that 60lb fill myself, but was too beat to actually do the math last night.

Guess I could have asked the OP to show their work :wink:


work the math backward.

1)First off 60 lbs of n-tane is 12.55 gal
2) 2899.05 cubic inches =12.55 gal
3) increse the capacity by 20% for saftey (80%fill rule)
4) your cylinder needs to have at least 3478.86 cubic inches to hold 60lb.

so you need 45"x10" for your collection spool.
That will hold 3534.29 cubic inches. Thats 3.75 feet tall!

Thanks guys!

We run something similar mines rack mounted dual 6x36 columns that drains to 1/2in hose that connects to a 3/4 in hose that drains to 12x32 base which has a 6x6 spool with bowl reducer on the bottom of it for easy pouring our collection pot also has a hemispherical lid on top. we don’t get any liquid solvent sucked up by the pump either as long as we don’t do any crazy…

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Where did you get the 12x6 reducer?

Ta da! Glacier tanks is the shiz niz


Do you use filter socks to pack your 6x36? Also on average how much does each 6x36 hold?

We don’t right now but we’re moving to them now, we currently pack around 8-8.75 lbs in each

You get 8+ pounds in a 6x36? I struggle to get 5 :man_facepalming:t2:

Yeah man! Dry material and a fine grind and we get her packed

You grind it up? :thinking: I always thought machine trim was usually darker because of that reason?